Jayson Balanon Quilondrino

Customer Service and Clerical Work
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
30 years old
Gamu, Isabela, Philippines
3 years

Hi! I'm Jayson who has 3 years of customer service experience and in that years I was also working as a freelance video editor which I started December 2017. While working at Polynesian Cultural Center I met people in almost every continent where I learn conversational words with them. Like small talks. In the first year of working as a crew in a restaurant we the once who entertain or solve the guest concerns regarding with the services we offer in the center. We have experienced serving almost 2000 guest per day every summer and mid-winter. It was fun and challenging where-in we are asked to help another restaurant to manage their workload. Then came my second year of working in that department, I was hired to be one of the leaders; I was assigned as a line lead where we are the ones who check the quality of the food that we are serving. If there's a simple flaw in means of taste, color, smell, and temperature of the food; we are the ones who decide to serve it not. We also train new hires for them to become more familiar with the thing regarding our duties and responsibilities as an employee. Years of service in the food industry help me to understand the real meaning of quality over quantity. Which led me to another venture, I worked as an administrative clerk in the Sales and Marketing Department; wherein we are assigned in front of the house, customer service and ticketing. Although I was hired as a clerk we are encouraged to learn new things and skills that will help us to better understand how our department works. These are some of the new skills that I develop while working in that workplace.

• Attention to Detail

Demonstrated interest in customers by carefully listening for their key concerns and resolving their problems 

• Commitment to Quality:

Effectively handled irate customers and complaints in a friendly, patient manner

I look forward to working with you.

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