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Data entry, market research and ms office guru.
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37 years old
Brgy. Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines
5 years
 Sayseng, Jeanmarie Hernandez Brgy.Ibabao,Cuenca,Batangas Email Add:-Tel. No:-/- Job Objective: To obtain a position that will enable me to utilize my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people. Working Experiences: EVERLAST MULTI PURPOSE COOPERATIVE BANAY- BANY II, SAN JOSE, BATANGAS JULY 17, 2019- Up To Present Act as Bookkeeper Staff 1. Revolving Fund and Petty Cash Fund custodian; 2. Prepares Disbursement – check and check voucher for suppliers, expenses/purchases, replenishment of revolving fund and petty cash fund; 3. Posting of all payments and disbursement to Quickbooks Accounting System; 4. Prepares monthly bank reconciliation; 5. Monitors bank loan and processing documents for loan availment as maybe needed by the Cooperative; 6. Filling of all vouchers, cancelled checks, passbook and other cooperative important records and documentation; 7. Periodic checking of all accounts listed in the chart of accounts; 8. Act as compliance officer for CDA, LandBank, and BIR; 9. Preparation of financial reports – Income Statement/Balance Sheet on a monthly basis; 10. Posting monthly accruals. Act as Cashier 1. Responsible and accountable in accepting payment from customers in form of cash or checks and issuing of Official Receipt; 2. Responsible and accountable in all collections; 3. Responsible for preparation of deposit slip to depository bank and make sure that all validated deposit slip is complete and attached on CDR; 4. Daily posting of both CASH (cut off 3pm) and CHARGE SALES per individual customers; 5. Responsible and accountable for any shortages/overages in daily transactions; 6. In-charge in inserting invoices to their account’s jacket; 7. Inform customers about bounced check and return check; 8. In charge in monitoring of all accounts receivable; 9. In charge in monitoring and paying of all accounts payable. Notes: Borrowed cash should be liquidated before or within the required number of days; Hold checks should be deposited within 1-3 DAYS ONLY. Act as Human Resource Staff 1. Proper documentation of employee’s record and any communication from the government agencies such as SSS, PHILHEALTH, HDMF, BIR, and DOLE; 2. Preparation of monthly remittances reports and other government files in connection to employee’s remittances and services (includes check and diskette); 3. Issue Certification for employees as needed with advise and sign from General Manager; 4. Assist employees about government loan application (form & computation); 5. In charge for ALPHA listing of employee’s annual 2316 reports and BIR services report; 6. Attend seminar/meeting in relation to Human Resource position; 7. In charge in all inter office memo, announcements, memorandum circular, employees’ evaluation and employee’s changes status; 8. Act as event’s planner & coordinator of all cooperative’s events; 9. Secure and updates employees’ 201 files; 10. Proper coordination to the management about documents filed, observed working attitudes/behavior and other matter regarding employees; 11. In charge in all process of recruiting of Job applicants and OJT applicants; 12. Authorize in all online transactions with regards to employees’ remittances and other government matters; In charge in all admin employees attendance, formal leave, undertime /late monitoring and must be reported to the management for further action. PRU LIFE UK Morada Ave., Lipa City, Batangas May 10, 2017- Up to present Job Title: Financial Advisor Job Description:        Look for client that will buy life insurance. Discuss to them the product and the type of insurance that will avail. If the deal is close, make them fill up the application form correctly and eligible. Get the payment and issue PR Submit the filled up application form together with the requirements and the payment to the branch office assistant. If the application is being processed wait until the policy arrived. Delivery the policy to the client and make monthly collection of the payments or deposit it to the bank (done by the client). C.M.Y GLASS AND ALUMINUM SUPPLY BRGY. SAN ROQUE, STO.TOMAS, BATANGAS. JULY 25, 2016- JANUARY 25, 2017 Job Title: Secretary Job Description: Process Purchase Order in phone and in the counter. Give Proper price per categories and classification of aluminum and glass product. Issue Delivery Receipt and Sales Invoice. Receive Payments. Segregate Delivery Receipt and Sales Invoice per client then do statement of Account. Series Delivery Receipt and Sales Invoice Filing D.R and S.I weekly. Update costumer account. MALATE CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION 801 Richville Corporate Center 1314 Commerce Avenue Ext. Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang. JUNE 25-2015- DECEMBER 26, 2016 Job Title: SALES OFFICER Job Description: Do Petty Cash Replenishment. Do Collection Report Do Summary of Collection Report Issuing O.R to the client. Do sample computation. Depositing the money or payment in the bank. Assist client in tripping and presenting the project to the client till they reserve. Assist In house in their needs. Do Reservation and Bookings. Emailing,Scanning,Filing and Photocopying. Do and Monitor Sales Report. Monitor SOLD OUT Units. Handles and monitor new account. Do Folder Transmittal Prepares folder mother and white folder then transmit to Account Management. EM-A PRIME VALUE CREDIT CORPORATION TANAUAN, BATANGAS MAY 31, 2012- OCTOBER 31, 2012 Job Title: FEMALE OFFICE STAFF Job Description: Front liner and general clerk of the branch. Process Loan Compute Loan Proceeds and explain to client. Give processed loan documents to the authorized signatories for checking and signatures Release check and clients copy of loan documents to the pensioner. Post payments/collection to individual ledgers of the pensioner, as to LR and CF affix signature for every transaction entered. Do cash count at the beginning and end of the day Record the cash breakdown to be verified and initialed by an officer or other employee of the branch. Kwartagram Corporation Brgy IV Sto.Tomas, Batnags Dec .28, 2010- June 28, 2011 Job Title: Branch Processor Job Description: Process local and international money remittance Filing,Scanning,Emailing. Process loadings,G-cash, smart padala Do Reports CHRISTIAN COLLEGE OF TANAUAN INC. J.V Pagaspas St. Brgy IV, Tanauan, Batangas January 6, 2006 to Nov.6, 2006 Job Title: ADMIN ASSISTANT Job Description: Assist HR in hiring applicants Do clerical works Asst the cashier in payments of tuition fee Educational Background: Tertiary:Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sto. Tomas Extension Sto. Tomas, Batangas Sy- Course Bachelor of Science in Computer Science April 04, 2005 Secondary:St. Thomas Academy Sto. Tomas, Batangas Sy- Elementary:Sto. Tomas North Central School Sto. Tomas, Batangas Sy- Personal Information: Birthday: February 23, 1984 Age: 36 yrs. Old Birthplace:Sabang I, Calauag, Quezon Citizenship: Filipino Language Spoken: Filipino and English Seminars and Training Attended: Quality Customer Service Nasugbu, Batangas July 21-22, 2006 Leadership and Enhancement Training Malvar, Batangas May 19-20, 2006 5S Seminar Daniel Mercado- Institute of Health and Science October 21, 2007 Skills and Interest: Microsoft Office such as (MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Word. Basic) Knowledge in Visual Basic 6.0 and HTML Character References: Mr. Luis Hernandez Brgy Chairman San Roque, Sto.Tomas,Batangas Prof. Melanie Castillo College Professor Polytechnic University of the Phils. I hereby certify that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Jeanmarie H. Sayseng Applicant
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