Joana Taborda

Content Writer | Social Media Manager | Email Marketer
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27 years old
Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
2 years

Joana is a professional freelance writer specialized in the areas of travel, art and career development. She has over two years experience writing and designing newsletters, blog posts, landing pages and white papers.

She’s also one of the co-founders of the Zukuri Club, a creative community based in Lisbon that wants to empower women through art.

Joana has contributed to the Clarice App, considered one of the best summer travel apps by the New York Times, The Muse, one of the world's most famous career advice websites, the Portuguese magazine Gerador and several blogs.

From designing the visual side of an email or landing page to creating thoughtful content for blogs, she has a knack for turning plain text into visually-appealing content.

Besides writing, she enjoys travelling and photography hence why she founded her own travel blog called City Odes where she writes about her adventures around Portugal and the world. She also interviews Lisbon expats to find out what draws them to this city.

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