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Free spirited / Thrill seeking: Since a young age, I've always enjoyed challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries and getting out of comfort zones. How this is a strength? Well, you'll always need someone who's willing to challenge you to grow regardless of how uncomfortable / intimidating / unfamiliar that journey may be because progress only came out of circumstances that were once unknown. And besides you wouldn't want to remain intellectually stagnant now would you? (;

Adventurous: Many exist but never really live. Life is short so do more of what sets your soul on fire to spark off the next moment. I was born an orphan and not knowing who my parents are, I was off to a life of discovery before I even knew it. Why it's a strength: Because at some point of your life, you'll need someone with the right balance of wisdom and bravery to take the calculated risk anyway.

Empathetic and intuitive: Because everyone desires to feel connected and loved for their own sakes. Too many times people seek to be understood first before being understanding. Why is empathy a strength? Because if you can be the person with the bigger heart, to understand before being understood, your market expands and making friends becomes easy.


Calligraphy: (took this up when I was 6, in an attempt to forge my parent's signature, and I didn't get away with it). Decided to make a business out of it because who doesn't like beautiful words that impact both the eyes and the heart (in meaning).

Writing: Because everyone reads one way or another and what better way to expand someone's mind than to create content that adds value to their current perception of things. I think the world's got so much content, but not enough of those that can really impact the heart and mind on a long term basis and I intend to change that by adding value to every word so much so that readers will gain new insights irregardless of how many times they read the same text. (PS: I've trained myself to type accurately with minimal errors even with my eyes closed, just because I found it fun and just in case pens got obsolete judging by how fast technology is taking over the world, I wouldn't rule out that possibility.)

Photoshop: because we all need miracle makers to visually see the potential in our ideas, even if it means having a miracle digitally created.

Adobe premiere pro: Honestly, I learned to edit videos only because I felt that there were not a lot of videos out there in the market that synchronized scene changes according to beats, so I decided to create them myself. Then, I realised how tedious it was and hence why there weren't many videos as such, but nonetheless, it was therapeutic to watch when it all came together and am still doing it up till this day.

Entrepreneurship Experiences:

As a calligrapher:

  • Invited calligrapher for Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Invited calligrapher for Bvlgari
  • Invited calligrapher for Louis Vuitton

As a business owner:

  • Have a reputation for being able to be friends with anyone, especially strangers
  • Work with several different private doctors, restaurants and TCM clinics
  • Started with a team of 0 and expanded that team size to 15 in 3 months and trained them how to create teams of their own.

Work Experience

Writer: wrote for an online luxury magazine.

Photographer: Involved in attending, covering and photographing event openings such as new high-end boutiques

Marketing and sales: Involved in curating dining deals on behalf of DBS bank


Bachelors of Psychology (with Honors) -- University at Buffalo

Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media -- Singapore Polytechnic

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