Joaquin Berenguer

Python using Flask, MariaDB, nginx, mosquitto,
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
63 years old
Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
10 years
18/02/2018 Joaquín Berenguer Berenguer C./ Tomás Ortuño, 17; 3º izda. 03502-Benidorm-Alicante (SPAIN) Mobile : - Home : - Mail :- Benidorm, February 3th, 2018 Personal Information : Born in Alicante (Spain), 9 of February of 1957, Divorced, 2 children of 25 years. Academic Information : From 75 to 82, Telecommunication Engineer, speciality in Process Control and Systems, at the ETSIT of Madrid, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Final Project Cicloconverter controlled by Microprocessor. From June 2013 to July 2014: Master in Robotics, at Alicante University. Experience : From September 2014, developing projects for Berentec, SCV, using Python, Flask, Jinja2, nginx, Jquery, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, MariaDB, Sqlite. Projects for IOT, using Wroom-ESP32 and Micropython. OS : Ubuntu 16 and -1- 18/02/2018 Windows 10. As IOT Server using Mosquitto with TLS encryption connections. Using C language with Visual Studio and Visual GDB to develop projects for STM32F4 and STM32F7 microcontrollers, for Industrial Control. From September 2012, developing projects using my experience, with Python, C, Databases and Atmel Microcontrollers (Xmega), as a freelance. Using Tools and OS : Python, C, Apache, WSGI, Linux Ubuntu, Windows 7, ASEJavascript with JQuery. Databases : Postgres, ASE, MySQL, SQLite Atmel processors, specially AVR processors (MEGA and XMEGA), experience using communication interfaces : SPI, I2C and USART Libraries Developed, in Python and C, if needed. Sybase from September, 1993, until 31th August 2012, working in different positions : Professional Services Manager, Support Manager, Presales Manager and Country Manager. From January 92 to July 93, at CINSA, as Products Director, having responsabilites overall Products produced and distributed by the company, the products were Software for FSI, Government and Industry, in IBM environments as AS400 and AIX OS. From January 88 until December 91, at APD,SA, as Director of Development of Applications for our customers, selling global solutions including hardware and software, based on Unix, using C and Basic Languages, and Oracle, Informix and Transtools DB, for Banking, Industry, … having 15 developers in the department. Participation in European Projects like ESPRIT, Harness and Game. -2- 18/02/2018 From March 86 to December 88, working in a Personal Project, creating a company called Benisoft, building projects for Hotels, providing Hardware and Software to Manage the Hotel. From September 84 to February 86, in Standard Eléctrica (Alcatel), as System Analyst, using MVS OS, DL/I, Cobol and IMS DB. From September 82 to September 84, in Hewlett-Packard, as Maintenance Engineer, in Valencia for HP-1000 computers. From December 80 to May 81, in Telefónica, working in different departments to learn the technical and organization of the company, in Valencia as well. Training during my period at Sybase : Giving Recognition, Sybase University Competition Analysis, Oxford University. Creativity and Innovation by Mark Brown, Oxford University. Managing Change by Nijenrode University. Leadership and Management by Fibonacci Institute in San Francisco. Working on Sybase Teams by Wilson Learning. Managing People by Jack D. Wood, Yale University. Services Marketing by Luis Huete from IESE. Management by Values, by Instituto de Empresa. Working with Different Cultures in Europe, Mgt. Oxford College. Client Ownership by Sandra Wanderberg. Personal Experience : Outside the companies where I have worked, during last 10 years, I have been developing Embedded Projects using Open source tools, for Automation. -3- 18/02/2018 Using : Python, C, Apache, WSGI, Linux Ubuntu, Postgres, Sybase ASEJavascript with JQuery. Databases : Postgres, ASE, MySQL, SQLite Atmel processors, specially AVR processors (MEGA and XMEGA). Attached Libraries written in Python regarding this Projects, using Wingware IDE, in a compressed file called Languages : English, used everyday at Sybase. Military Service : IMEC Sergeant. Hobbies : Kayaking (Kayak Club Benidorm), Reading, Trekking (Ponoig Group), Ski, Swimming, Bicycle, and Cooking. Joaquín Berenguer -4-
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