John Renzel Galleta

John Renzel Galleta

Amazon FBA Private Label Virtual Assistant | Graphic Designer
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
25 years old
Marilao, Bulacan, Philippines
4 years

For a product to be successful, there are three components to make it stand out. 

1. A product with room for improvement showing high demand yet low competition

2. Title and listings that are full of carefully selected keywords 

3. Images that capture the attention of your potential buyers 

Once these criteria are met, it is almost fool proof that buyers will convert and organic ranking for your products will increase without even spending a dime on PPC. 

Here is where I come to play...

I am Renzel and I help Amazon Sellers find winning products, optimize listings and create images that will help convert your potential buyers into buying your products.

With my reverse products research strategy, I will help you find winning products with a potential profit margin of 40% and above with high demand and low competition.

Coupled with my 2-type keyword research technique, I will create listings that captures the attention of buyers without a lot of competition and images that will encourage your buyers to say YES. 

As an added value to your business, here are the overall services that I offer: 

1. Product Research 

2. Keyword Research 

3. Supplier Sourcing 

4. Listing Optimization 

5. Listing Images 

6. Enhanced Brand Content / A+ Content 

7. Inventory Management 

8. Customer Service 

9. Account Health and Maintenance 

Let me take that big chunk of work on your plate and think about what you can do with extra 5 or more hours every week!

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