Joseph Malinga

Joseph Malinga

I am an expert researcher, data analyst, financial analyst, and due diligence.
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27 years old
Kampala, Central, Uganda
4 years

I am passionate about finding information, details, and data on the internet. I read an average of 10,000 words a day at the individual level, have a 55 WPM typing speed, and have a keen eye for detail.

I can help you find anything on the internet with my amazing research skills and provide insight where necessary with my analytical ability.

I have led store audits in two African countries remotely for a UK/India-based firm.

Topped the Brainsfeed freelancer researcher and analyst list in 7 months as the most reliable while completing projects that failed.

Also, I have helped companies around the globe through, from writing business plans, research reports, strategy documents, and sharing market strategies that can help drive results.

With all these experiences, I bolstered my exposure through experimenting with most of the things I've learned and believe in giving every client the best version of myself.

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