Juan Lebrijo

Ruby on Rails Development
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42 years old
Magan, TOLEDO, Spain
17 years

What I do best?

  • Ruby on Rails Backend Development
  • Frontend development with HTML, CSS (HAML/SLIM and SCSS/SASS), Javascript (Jquery, AngularJS, NodeJS ...)
  • Expert in DevOps high availability, scalable, zero downtime deployment with: Ubuntu / Docker / Chef / Capistrano stack. NewRelic for monitoring. And PostgreSQL
  • Expert in payment gateways: Braintree (my favorite), Stripe and Paypal.
  • TDD and BDD: Rspec and Capybara are my favorite frameworks
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment with Jenkins

Do you need a CTO?

  • I can hire and manage your Tech Team.
  • Delegating areas like Design, Android or iOS apps. Or even more Devs to build your Project.
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