Julia Montague

International Content Writer and Marketer
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25 years old
Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
2 years

I am an Asia-based American citizen who offers production and marketing of written English content and articles for websites and blogs.

My commitment to maintaining the integrity of the core ideas that you wish to communicate is my mission and the foundation of my services.

I understand that creativity is key in writing, but that rules are made to be followed and that a deadline is a deadline. I know how to effectively use SEO and am familiar with Wordpress (and its various plugins) as well as HTML and CSS. I have experience with the use of remote, project management software. I am available for both long and short-term collaboration.

My educational background in scientific writing makes me the perfect candidate for efficiently communicating technical or cutting-edge ideas to your target audience.

In addition to freelancing, I lecture foreign University students on how to effectively communicate in English; my qualifications (CELTA) and experience in teaching ESL mean that I can easily recognize and fix both common and complex English errors.

Whatever your professional goals may be, I can offer you nothing short of excellence by helping you to achieve the success you desire with high-quality English content creation and marketing.

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