I am competent speeking to customers over the phone. I am a effecient typist.
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
20 years old
aurora, illinois, United States
34 years

Looking back on my life I kind of wonder how I endured working two part-time jobs while becoming pregnant six times, all while keeping a demanding husband happy and well feed. It could be said that, if I had not have worked so hard at keeping my husband happy, then maybe I would not have gotten pregnant as many times. But I so enjoyed my girls, all six of them. My 'Me Time' was when dinner was simmering on the stove and in the oven, cause I was on my phone job, and no one would dare bother me for anything. Helping the girls with their homework, while simultaneously, filling out reminder cards and driver sheets signaled to my husband to get ready to make a trip to the post office soon. Can anyone imagine that I cleaned homes right up until giving birth and beyond. I remember a Friday in particular. I went to work pregnant with my forth child, and the very next Friday I came to work with a baby in my arms. But about a month or so later such industriousness kind of caught up with me. I experienced about a week or so of feeling a little dizzy and discombobulated. That's when I realized that I was on the verge of not being such a spring chicken anymore.
I also made myself available to help out at my kids school and volunteer to go on field trips. I was always at that school. Did I mention that I home schooled my older kids in their younger grades?
I painted the kitchen, I painted the kids bedroom furniture. I painted the kitchen table. I was always outside barbequing. My husband said I was the most barbequing woman he ever met. I did so much back then and I did it with such ease. Without even thinking twice. The kids and I were always on the go, going to this place and that. I was so resourceful at finding free things to do. I miss those days I really do, but I so enjoy my two grandchildren. (boys)


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