June Lee

Content Creation, SEO and Social Media Marketing
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
29 years old
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
1 year

My 4 college years in the literature program, apart from having turned me into a rather deranged lover of absurdist art and literature, have cultivated in me creativity, exercised my analytical thinking skills, and broadened my horizons and perspectives - skill sets absolutely required in a digital marketer.

Having been trained in persuasive writing for years, I'm definitely no stranger to the world of resource-researching and argument-constructing; penning articles and copywriting are my niche. I'm rather flexible and open to writing about most kinds of topics, however vastly different in subject matter they may be.

Also, like most millennials, I grew up with social media, and hence know the ins and outs of most social media channels. I would say I'm skilled at managing social media postings and coming up with visuals that appeal.

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