Kate O'Brien

I am a,writer, editor, educator, traveler, linguaphile, wordsmith, and dancer.
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Chicago, IL, United States
7 years

After three years of teaching abroad, I moved back to the US to get my Master's degree. I earned an M.A. in Writing & Publishing from DePaul University in Chicago. Since I graduated, I have been working as a teacher at various institutions. I have worked at EF since September 2015 as an ESL teacher, and in addition was the Volunteership Coordinator and am now the Academic Coordinator. I love when my two fields, education and writing, intersect.

As a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and translator, I am always looking for new clients who need my services. You can learn more my visiting my website, http://katecarolineobrien.wordpress.com/work-with-me/.

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