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Avid kayak angler passionate about writing, photography, leadership, and change management
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Little Elm , TX, United States
15 years
Katie (Ferrari) Johnson Strategic Business Management & Operations, Organizational Leadership & Development Little Elm, TX- For over 15 years, my experience as an operations, and logistics leader has demonstrated a superior ability to initiate organizational change, and improve critical efficiencies. Throughout my career, I have been exceptionally successful in identifying counterproductive business procedures, in order to perfect operational results. From working as the executive producer for the Midwest’s largest Japanese culture convention, and overhauling emergency communications centers, to serving as the logistics chief for the state of Pennsylvania during disaster relief deployment to Hurricane’s Katrina, and Rita, my extensive background in project, and emergency management provides me with the unique, and extraordinary ability to transform chaos into organized harmony. Authorized to work in the US for any employer Work Experience Full Time Student La Roche College - Pittsburgh, PA 2014 to 2018 In order to advance my professional expertise, I made a decision in recent years to devote all of my time and energy to my studies, in order to get the most out of my collegiate experience. Vice Chairperson of The Environmental Protection Board Hunting Ridge Community Services Association, Inc. - Fayette, PA December 2015 to September 2016 Responsibilities Dedicated Vice Chairperson of the Environmental Protection Board of the Hunting Ridge Community Services Association, selflessly serving over 1,000 residents of South Fayette Township, Pennsylvania. Responsible for the supervision, and enforcement of the aesthetic guidelines, bylaws, policy resolutions, and standards set forth by the association for the maintenance, preservation, and continued functional improvement in the Hunting Ridge Community. Notable ability to maintain a calm, collected, objective perspective during residential environmental inspections, and assessments, as well as when necessary for conflict resolution in regards to violations, and infractions. EMS Communications Coordinator St. Clair Hospital - Pittsburgh, PA November 2012 to June 2015 Responsibilities Exceptionally proficient in system status management with emphasis in communications, logistics, and operations for a 328-bed acute care facility that provides advanced, and emergency health care to more than 500,000 residents of southwestern Pennsylvania. Supreme confidence in effectively managing critical incidents, in addition to oversight of daily operations for the hospital's emergency communications center. Highly accomplished in emergent, and non-emergent call-taking. Successful coordination of appropriate emergency response personnel, and hospital personnel to emergency, and non-emergency situations, inbound to, outbound from, and within the hospital. Incredibly innovative in documentation creation, and alteration, office reorganization, and operational adjustments for increased effectiveness, as well as improved ergonomic functionality, and efficiency. In addition, daily duties include customer service, supply management, and inventories of EMS equipment, as well as providing patient demographics, and medication replacements to EMS personnel. Accomplishments Named one of the "Superheroes of the ER" - 2014 Executive Producer, Manager of Operations & Logistics Chelonian Technical Solutions - Princeton Junction, NJ April 2008 to June 2014 Responsibilities Executive director of equipment acquisitions, organization, and movement both prior to, on scene, and at the conclusion of extraordinarily large-scale events with in excess of 30,000 attendees. Superior ability in management of personnel in daily operations, including training, remediation, hiring, and terminations. Executive director of travel accommodations for all crew members. Onsite executive producer of all audio-visual set up, and operations. Superior ability to work well under time constraints, and schedules. Groundbreaking logistical innovations for improved financial, and operational efficiency, and increased productivity. Development, and establishment of tracking documentation, database creation, and protocols for statistical analysis, and accountability. Exceptionally talented in employee management, organization, and problem solving. Exemplary skills in human resources, and public outreach. Accomplishments Superhero of the Year - 2012 Police Communications Coordinator Duquesne University - Pittsburgh, PA June 2010 to November 2012 Remarkable efficiency in police communications coordination for a large university campus, comprised of more than 10,000 students, and staff. Notable ability to remain calm in a high-stress environment. Extraordinarily proficient in emergency management, specifically in communications, logistics, and operations. Successful oversight, and coordination of daily operations for multiple police units operating within an urban setting. Highly skilled in emergent, and non-emergent call-taking, coordination of appropriate emergency response personnel, and equipment to emergent, and nonemergent situations, as well as video, security, and fire system monitoring throughout the entire campus. In addition to daily coordination of police units, noted for successful documentation creation, and alteration, office reorganization, and operational adjustments for increased effectiveness, and efficiency. Logistics Officer, Communications Coordinator, EMT & Rescue Technician Northwest EMS - McKees Rocks, PA November 2003 to June 2010 Responsibilities Innovative, active member of the Operations, Communications, and Safety Committee, working diligently to establish new practices, and guidelines to ensure a safe, ergonomic, and efficient work environment. Extraordinarily proficient in emergency management, specifically in dispatch, communications, logistics, and operations. Successful oversight, and coordination of daily operations for multiple ambulance units for one of the busiest emergency services in Allegheny County, which responds to more than 20,000 calls per year. Highly skilled in emergent, and non-emergent call-taking, coordination of appropriate emergency response personnel, and equipment to emergent, and nonemergent situations, both in the general public, and also inbound to, outbound from, the hospital setting. Throughout my time with Northwest, I also responded to emergency, and non-emergency incidents with emphasis in safe scene management, and exceptional patient care. In addition to coordination of daily operations for Northwest, I was also tasked with the scheduling, and management of all patient transportation to, and from Ohio Valley Hospital, via non-emergency courtesy van. I am uniquely skilled in training new personnel, both in the field, and in the dispatch setting, as well as creating training manuals, and improved operational practices. Accomplishments Awards & Recognition from EMSI, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and Governor Ed Rendell for actions taken on deployment to disaster relief from Hurricanes Katrina & Rita Education Bachelor's in Leadership & Administrative Development, minor in Business Management La Roche College - Pittsburgh, PA 2014 to 2018 Rescue Certification in Basic & Special Vehicle Rescue Pennsylvania Fire Academy - Pittsburgh, PA 2014 to 2015 Professional Certification in Public Safety Telecommunications APCO - Pittsburgh, PA 2010 to 2010 Rescue Certification in Swift Water Rescue Pennsylvania Fish & Game Commission - Warren, PA 2007 to 2008 High School Diploma in General Studies Keystone Oaks High School - Pittsburgh, PA 2002 to 2003 EMS Certification in Emergency Medical Technician CCAC - Pittsburgh, PA 2002 to 2002 Skills Logistics, Operations, Communications, Emergency Management, Training, Organizational Change, Innovation, Executive Administration, Project Management, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, DBMS, Database Management, Database Development, SQL, MySQL, Excel, Word, Windows, Leadership Development, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Website Design, Website Development, Microsoft Office, Social Media Management, Fundraising, HTML, CSS Awards Superhero of the Year 2009 “Without her unbelievable behind-the-scenes work, this year’s convention would not have happened.” Rosa Halcomb Convention President Anime Central Chicago, Illinois Recognition Award - Hurricanes Katrina & Rita 2006 “As an emergency medical provider, you are willing to put everything aside to help others in need. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, you went above and beyond the call of duty…” Representative John Perzel Speaker of the Pennsylvania House Pennsylvania House of Representatives Recognition for Actions Taken 2014 “We also want to recognize the team who recently took care of a stroke patient that received tPA. You provided excellent, time sensitive care to a patient in need. You set the bar high with your teamwork and clinical skills.” The InformER Newspaper “The ER Has Superheroes” St. Clair Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Letter of Recognition & Appreciation - Hurricanes Katrina & Rita 2006 “The sacrifice of your time and safety to help your fellow Americans in their greatest time of need is a testament to your strength of character and commitment to your profession…” Governor Ed Rendell Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Department of Health Letter of Thanks - Hurricanes Katrina & Rita “The professionalism and pride that were displayed while deployed must be commended…I am proud of the job that all of you did and humbled to have able to lead this group…” Amos P. Cameron Incident Commander PA EMS Task Force 2 Recognition Certificate - Hurricanes Katrina & Rita “In recognition of your commitment to service and unselfish contributions…” Thomas J. McElree Executive Director Region 4 EMS Strike Team Certifications/Licenses Emergency Medical Technician 2002 to 2018 CPR & AED 2002 to 2018 Emergency Dispatcher 2010 to Present Additional Information I am a happily married, avid angler with a love for the outdoors, animals, sketching, music, writing, and building things. Most days, you'll find me fishing from my kayak, spending quality time with my husband, or cuddling our enormously sweet Saint Bernard boys.
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