Kayla M Fratt

Freelance writer, web designer, behavior consultant
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27 years old
Denver, CO, United States
5 years

Starting and running my own dog training business taught me a lot about web design, customer relations, small businesses, behavior change, copywriting, marketing, leadership, and social media. My public relations experience runs deep, including phone and Skype consultations, Q & A sessions, public speaking and presenting, online marketing, social media, and long-form content marketing.

I spend my days designing websites for veterinarians and other dog trainers, writing and editing, teaching humans how to train dogs, aiding in translation services, and growing my own business.

My knowledge runs far past dog training and small business. I studied biology at one of the country's most selective liberal arts college. I started a college ski team and coached that team to nationals both years that we competed. My analytical, statistical, and linguistic skills are top notch. I tutored a students in biology, chemistry, writing, and ethology. I was a professional sea kayaking guide and have taught courses on outdoor rock climbing. I've been a bartender and farm hand on a dairy farm.

Whether you need a new website with SEO-ready copy, a resident behavior analyst, Spanish to English translation, or help with a research project, I'm the person you need.

Unlike many other freelance writers and web designers, I'll take the time to edit and optimize for search engines. You won't have to babysit my writing.

As a student at Colorado College, I perfected the art of writing a high-quality research paper in just a few days. As a coach for the ski team and tutor for first-years, I learned how to teach and motivate. As a business owner, freelancer, and communications fellow, I mastered writing with a marketing focus.

I am familiar with all intermediate computer functions, Google Analytics and Search Console, Yoast SEO, Wordpress, X Theme, JetPack, WooCommerce, Shopify, Hemingway Editor, basic social media marketing, scientific and market research, Excel, MailChimp, and more.

I am passionate about helping people, solving problems, facilitating relationships with people, spending time in the outdoors, training dogs, mentoring others, offering excellent customer service, working with integrity, writing and creating, learning new things, and completing tasks well.

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