Kedir Nasir

Kedir Nasir

biomedical engineer, software expert, Microsoft office expert, Editer and Writer
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27 years old
Addis Ababa, Oromīya, Ethiopia
1 year

1. I’m a Biomedical engineer (Bachelor Degree)

2. Software expert (programming languages and Designing {​​​C++, Java, MATLAB, AutoCAD}​​​ and

Microsoft offices (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

3. Graphic Designer

4. Editor (Image, PDF, Word, Video)

5. Data entry, proof reader, Writer, Web search and Evaluator

6. Teaching (English, Biology, Chemistry and IT/Computer)

7. Health and life skill advisor

8. Leadership consultant and Social service volunteer (children, youth and old people trainer and


With tons of experiences and knowledge, Do YOU need any advice and a job done in any categories of My above expert listing areas? just let me know. Let's make your worries and wonders into perfection!

N.B: Quality handwork, Fastest delivery with Minimum payment, Thank you for choosing me!

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