Kelly Logan

Kelly Logan

Photographer & Graphic Designer
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28 years old
Hobe Sound, Florida, United States
6 years

I've worked professionally in design for six years and photography for eight. My previous roles include:

ADT Security - Design & Marketing Specialist (3 years) promoted to Senior Design Specialist & Photography Channel Owner (1 year):

During my time in this role I collaborated with the greater marketing team as a designer and then later as a senior designer. I created internal and external brand communications to ensure visual consistency across the board and utilized Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and Bridge to carry out design and photography projects. I had the opportunity to design both print and digital work for our corporate partnerships with companies like LG, Samsung, HGTV, USAA , Disney, Pandora and Amazon. As the lead designer on the creative team, I completed more than 481 creative projects and project managed 113. I was the first appointed owner of the internal and external photography channel at ADT and assisted on product shoots as well as on set with HGTV, where I was the still photographer with the Property Brothers. These efforts were part of ADT's first-ever Super Bowl spot, viewed 25+ million times. In this role I had both client and agency facing relationships and worked directly with printers and print liaisons and learned to manage all seamlessly.

Kelly Logan Creative - Owner - Freelance Designer & Photographer (2 years - 1 part-time, 1-full-time): In the last two years as a freelancer, I have acquired more than 40 design and photography clients and have created unique marketing content for each. I carry out projects using Adobe Creative Suite and the preferred project management software for each client. Some of my clients include Harmony, Olli+Lime, EdgeIQ, Turquoise Skies, Purevee Organics, VitaRX, Amasouk Leather and more. I work with both print and digital and largely create content for social media, printed collateral for events, pitch decks and websites. As a freelancer, I have received a LinkedIn Photoshop Skill Badge, an Upwork Skill Certification in Design, taught a PowerPoint skills class to 50+ students and am an Upwork Top-Rated Freelancer with 100% success rate. In addition to design work, I have built out my product photography portfolio and currently specialize in this type of imagery. I create studio shots as well as lifestyle imagery for eCommerce stores hosted on sites like Shopify. Honesty, integrity and open lines of communication are the core pillars of my business and play a large role in how I operate as a sole proprietor.

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