Kendra Mitchell

I am a Human Resources Professional with 20 years of experience in nearly every aspect of HR.
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48 years old
Indianapolis, IN, United States
20 years

I have over 20 years of experience working both on and offsite in the areas of management advising, talent acquisition, talent management, employee relations, employee rewards, employee retention, onsite staffing management, investigations, conflict resolution, conducting workshops and seminars (new hire orientations, benefits and sexual harassment), database management, payroll, reporting, policy writing and in general making myself indispensable to senior level management.

All of this experience has been multi-site, multi-state and even multi-national, servicing 850+ employees at 4 Indiana locations, 8 states and 5 countries.

I have a BA in English and excellent written and verbal skills and have started working on a Masters of Organizational Leadership. I believe my organizational skills and strong work ethic can be invaluable you. My strongest asset is my ability to quickly build rapport with employees at every level.


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