Khaled Gamal Sabbah

Web Development
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
28 years old
Al-santa, Gharbia, Egypt
4 years

Hi all, I am Khaled , web developer . Graduated from computer science college in Egypt by 2015 and Information Technology Institute 2017 . Over the past 4 years i have been writing and developing well established systems and applications .I believe that the more you learn the more you earn the more to compete to be the best , So i learnt PHP with ( Laravel , Phalcon , Codeignitor ) frameworks , wordpress and NodeJs with ( Express ) framework to maintain backend requests. As backend developer has to some front-end technologies , so i learnt Angular , Bootstrap , Semantic UI , Js , HTML , CSS.
During the last 4 years i have learnt to write well-tested , enhanced and well-structured code , minimize the total number of requests to what extent you can , write APIs to be used by the front-end or mobile .
All this period i have learnt a lot which i really would help any one with such expert .
In case you want a developer who could make a very good work , adaptive , hardworking and commit to the deadlines , please contact me directly and i would really appreciate this .

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