Kimberly Roxann Bablington

I market and sell vacation packages
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41 years old
Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica
9 years

I have been in sales and marketing for the pass nine years. I have been employed in the hotel industry where we sell vacation packages to our clients on a daily basis. I truly enjoy meeting new persons each day. I excelled at my job so well that I was promoted as a supervisor. Marketing has taught me some qualities that have stayed with me through my career and personal life such as patience, not taking no for an answer and using strategies that appeal to my client, strategies that are ethical and honest. I am at a place in my life now were I want to spread my wings and grow, money is not all, the experiences you gain stay with you for a lifetime and thats what I treasure especially when I am able to show an individual how my product will benefit them. I hope that what I have shared with you so far will give you further insight as to who I am and what I would love to accomplish.

Thank you very much.

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