Konstantin Utkin Konstantin Utkin

C/C++ developer
Ronas IT
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Omsk, Omsk State, Russian Federation
6 years

Software (C++) most significant projects:

  • Complex cross-platform client-server system based on Remote Call Framework (RCF) and Qt/QML.
  • Client-server system based on Apache Thrift framework.
    Projects also used boost libraries and google protobuffer technology.

Linux kernel, embedded linux experience:

  • Linux device drivers
  • kernel and u-boot configuring and patching for custom platform

Industrial automation experience:

  • Programming Omron PLC and HMI
  • Programming Owen HMI

Firmware experience:

  • MCU programming, mostly Atmel and LPC
  • CPU and SoC programming: Analog Devices Blackfin series (53x,54x) and Texas Instruments DM3730

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