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53 years old
Athens, Attiki, Greece
24 years

Online marketing & advertising is critical for all Businesses.

It can take a substantial portion of the advertising budget, which as we all know is anything but endless.

For these two reasons alone, you must get your Google Adwords ™ & Facebook ™ advertising right from the first round- no exceptions.

That’s where I come in. My online advertising skills already help for the past decade many hospitality-related websites, small businesses and professionals who operate hotels and vacation homes.

As a Google Adwords Certified Professional and Facebook Ads expert I run my clients’ pay per click campaigns and bring more inquiries and more bookings to their hotels and villas, without breaking the Bank.

But my skills and experience also apply in all the markets, not just Hospitality and Tourism.

These are my services:

•Locate the right audience for your Business
•Create adverts to enhance your brand or sell your products and services
•Optimize your advertising campaigns to save your advertising money
•Keep you informed on how your campaigns progress
•Update you on new advertising opportunities that may need your attention
•Create and maintain Social Media strategies Ads and Content

And many many more.

“This is by far the best freelance collaboration experience to date and we have been using freelancers for quite some time. Kostas is an extremely professional hotel marketer and most definitely on top of his game. He does whatever it takes to get the job done and walks you through every step of the process. Most definitely we will be working with him again in the future”
(Jessica Hammond Resort Professional Bali Resorts)

"Kostas does exceptional work in managing our marketing and bookings for our villas in Crete for the past 6 years - he is an outstanding vacation rentals professional with excellent knowledge in online and offline marketing; his work on our rates and our seasonal pricing and special offers for every coming season helps us book our villas solid. A truly rare breed to work with in these hard Times."
(Lazarus Chnaris, Okean Luxury Villas in Crete, Greece)

I' d love to hear about your own specific needs! Feel free to contact me and let me know how I can help.

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