Kshitiz Dabur

Researcher/Data Entry Professional/Web Designer/Remote Desktop/Transcriptiom
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
23 years old
ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
2 years

Kshitiz is a rock star tech savvy virtual assistant and odd job specialist who can assist(and has!) with everything from Internet research and general administrative tasks to new website trial runs and mapping out routes of famous trails. he loves performing well for her clients and has an exceptional track record to prove it.

As of Winter/Spring 2013, he is enrolled in school full-time for a bachelor's degree in mechanical Engg. and is taking on freelance work in between classes. kshitiz has experience where he has invaluable skills that include personable communication with clients, ability to work under a very short deadline and under high pressure, exceptional phone presence, and the ability to think on her feet and be a proactive problem solver.

he is a well-rounded, open-minded assistant who eagerly listens and learns from each of his clients to give them individualized service and exceptional results. he is always wearing a smile and is constantly looking to exceed her client's expectations. Connecting with people and making others happy is how he builds her lasting relationships with each of his clients


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