Laura Bachmann

I write, edit, proofread, and translate.
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27 years old
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
3 years

I write, edit and translate, always keeping in mind my audience and what will make the piece appeal to them. Since July, I have been working for Catalytic Communities (CatCom), a non-profit focused on community projects in favelas in Rio de Janeiro. I write articles for their hyper-local news oriented blog. My articles cover local events and relevant legal topics. When preparing articles for publication, we take into account SEO. CatCom uses Wordpress, so I have become experienced with the platform. When needed, I also edit other writers' articles and prepare them for publication. Finally, I also translate materials from Portuguese to English.

Prior to CatCom, I completed a law degree at the University of Wisconsin. During my three years enrolled in law school, I gained a great deal of writing experience. I am most proud of my work as staff on the Wisconsin International Law Journal. For two years, I served as an editor on the journal, receiving recognition as "Outstanding Cite Checker" my first year, and as an "Outstanding Editor" my second year. As an editor, I edited 2-3 legal articles (usually 30-40 pages long) per semester. The work required learning two style guides: the Chicago Manual of Style and the Bluebook. The work was gratifying because I helped authors improve their articles, and also taught me a lot about writing, as I learned from other's mistakes. Communication with other on the editing team was also crucial to my success in this role.

Between 3 months working for Crag Law Center and 8 at the Wisconsin Department of Justice as a law student, I have significant experience with legal writing. Between these and my classes, I fine-tuned my legal writing and developed my priorities as a legal writer. No matter what content I'm writing, I keep in mind my audience, whether my writing is persuasive or non-persuasive, clarity, and conciseness. As a student associate at Crag and the WDOJ, I wrote briefs, complaints, internal memoranda, motions, and letters to government agencies. I learned to adapt my writing style to the content I was writing and audience I was addressing.

Prior to law school I completed an International Relations degree at Boston University, with a regional focus on Latin America. A piece I wrote on Cuba's role in Latin American politics was published in the student run International Relations Review.

In a past life I worked as a swim instructor for several different facilities. My American Red Cross Lifeguard, Lifeguard Instructor, and Water Safety Instructor certifications are still current.

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