Laura Campbell

I am an Admin professional with excellent time management and organizational skills
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Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
15 years

After graduating from University, I went on to accrue over 15 years of diverse administration experience. During this time I have built a strong foundation of knowledge regarding the duties of an Administration professional. I have been responsible for managing high volume calls, scheduling, creating detailed client files, coordinating with outside businesses and teams to process loan applications, creating and updating inventories, and ordering supplies and stock.

Working in a medical office, I was able to quickly adapt to the fast-paced work flow of the office while at the same time learn a vast amount of medical terminology necessary to the position. During my time there I was able to reorganize the front office operations in order to decrease patient wait times, clear up scheduling conflicts and begin the process of electronically storing paper medical files resulting in a cleaner, more organized office and more easily accessible filing system.

Working in the mortgage industry provided me with the opportunity to learn a completely new set of industry standards. In this position I was able to hone my organizational and communication skills, as I was responsible for managing and closing contracts within a restricted timeline while coordinating with outside teams. It also helped me to develop excellent time management and prioritizing skills to complete work on a strict deadline. In this role I learned to work independently as I was mainly responsible for taking client contracts from the beginning to closing.

I’m confident my skills will be an asset to any organization. 

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