Laura Greenwald

I'm a writer and social media expert with a background in entertainment, media and finance.
Hourly ($/hour)
44 years old
Chicago, Il, United States
10 years

Although I can be described as a social media consultant, screenwriter, producer, designer, photographer and branding expert, the word creator, changes the picture. Now you don’t just see someone writing, designing graphics, taking snapshots or standing on the set of a television series watching everything come together.

Instead, you see someone coming up with the idea in the first place. Deciding what it’s going to look like and feel like. What goes where. Who will be involved. Piece by piece, putting every part of it together. Everything in exquisite harmony.

The word changes the picture and the picture changes the person. If it’s done correctly, the right picture can also change your business. It can define it, promote it, transform it and bring it to life. It’s all a matter of finding the right words that create the perfect picture. And THAT is what I can do for your business.


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