Lauren Hotson

Paid Search Engine Marketing
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
36 years old
Sydney, NSW, Australia
10 years
LAUREN  HOTSON  -+61  2  8005  7558       PERSONAL  PROFILE     Innovative,  confident  and  highly  organized Online  Marketer  with  strengths  in  project  planning  and  budget  management  with   a  proven  track  record  of  developing  and  executing  successful  digital  marketing  strategies  for  a  host  of  global  clients.  Up-­‐to-­‐ date  with  constantly  evolving  technologies  in  social  marketing,  search  engine  marketing  tools  and  website  design.       EMPLOYMENT  HISTORY       Managing  Director  –  (March  2014  –  present)   Digital  Pollinators  –  Self-­‐Employed  Marketing  Consultancy  Business   • Responsible   for   business   acquisition,   client   relationship   management   and   assuring   the   successful   execution   of   all   digital  marketing  campaigns  for  our  clients   • Successfully  built  and  launched  7+  websites,  one  of  which  was  a  50+  page  dual  language  mobile  optimized  site  for  a   well  known  restaurant  franchise  of  35+  outlets  in  Indonesia   • Successfully  rebuilt  and  optimized  a  clients  existing  AdWords  PPC  account.  In  doing  so  I  was  able  to  reduce  their   CPA   (cost  per  acquisition/lead)  by  89%  within  the  first  2  months  of  running  the  account   • Business   consultancy   work   with   start-­‐ups   to   refine   their   business   strategy   and   planning   prior   to   building   their   website   and  creating  a  multi-­‐platform  digital  marketing  strategy     Social  Media  Director  –  (Oct  2012  –  March  2014)   MEC  (GroupM)  –  Media  Agency   • Responsible  for  planning  and  management  of  $5.8M  combined  social  media  budget  across  the  Marriott  portfolio   in   2013   • Lead   social   strategy   and   vision,   ensuring   that   recommendations   and   decisions   are   consistent   with   client   objectives,   goals  and  brand  message   • Successfully  project  managed  7+  social  media  activations  over  a  12  month  period,  requiring  close  co-­‐ordination  with   developers,  legal  counsel,  PR  and  creative  agency  partners  to  deliver  upon  client  objectives  and  goals   • Mentoring,  training  and  career  development  of  junior  team  members  and  interns     • Supervise   the   social   community   management   process   and   work   with   Managers   and   Associates   to   implement   the   strategic  direction  across  all  owned  social  platforms   • Manage  the  team’s  scope  of  work  and  communicate  expectations  effectively  with  clients   • Assist  in  high-­‐level  crisis  management,  advising  clients  and  working  with  internal  and  external  teams  on  a  resolution   • Developed  a  measurement  framework  and  establish  benchmarks/  KPIs  to  measure  the  success  of  all  social  campaigns   and  activity   • Produced   a   highly   targeted   global   social   strategy   for   The   Ritz-­‐Carlton,   resulting   in   479%   increase   in   Facebook   social   interactions  and  an  engagement  rate  8x  higher  than  the  Travel  industry  avg.  and  9x  greater  than  the  Luxury  industry   avg.     Search  Account  Manager  –  (Feb  2011  –  Aug  2012)   MediaCom  (GroupM)  –  Media  Agency   • • • Worked  closely  with  the  internal  Entertainment  Division  on  the  Universal  Music,  Universal  Pictures  and  Electronic  Arts   business   for   the   APAC   region   to   develop   and   execute   integrated   online   marketing   strategies   across   a   number   of   Search  Engines  and  Social  Media  platforms   Won  $400K+  new  account,  enabling  team  headcount  growth   Strategy   and   project   management   of   a   integrated   SEM,   SEO,   Social,   Affiliate,   Display,   Retargeting   &   Shopping                       1     acquisition  marketing  plan  for  Origin  (the  Electronic  Arts  (EA)  Store  in  Australia,  Japan  &  Korea)   • Assist  clients  with  setting  up  their  Google  Analytics  set  up;  establishing  goals,  funnels,  profiles,  filters,     • Launched   one   of   the   first   new   Rich   Media   Ads   by   Google   for   the   new   release   ‘Battleship’   movie   by   Universal   Pictures,   which  resulted  in  high  level  engagement  with  a  25%  CTR  and  low  $0.35  Avg.  CPC   • Developed  systems  &  processes  for  managing  schedules,  deliverables,  budgets  and  cross-­‐regional  responsibilities  for   multiple  gold  title  games  for  EA  Games  APAC  Search  activity   • Improved  the  Search  team’s  end  of  month  financial  invoicing  process,  which  dramatically  reduced  financial  account   queries,  the  need  for  invoice  adjustments  and  improved  client  payment  times   • Nominated  for  the  MediaCom  Advance  program  -­‐  a  National  fast  track  scheme  designed  to  offer  coaching  for  future   business  leaders     Search  Executive  –  (Jan  2010  –  Feb  2011)   Deal  Group  Media  (dgm)  –  Search  &  Affiliate  Marketing  Agency   • Fulfilment   of   PPC   campaigns   for   a   portfolio   of   Australian   &   New   Zealand   clients,   including   but   not   limited   to   Estee   Lauder,  Georg  Jensen,  Fairfax,  Beacon  Lighting,  Johnson  &  Johnson,  Autodesk,  Wine  People,  Wellington  Tourism  and   Auckland  Tourism   • Reached   clients   ambitious   targets   within   3   weeks   of   launching   the   SEM   campaign   for   Wine   People   and   Laithwaites   Wines     • Built  and  managed  Auckland  City  Tourism’s  Big  Little  City  SEM  campaign,  growing  the  budget  by  13.5%  over  the  space   of  3  months   • Wrote   and   produced   an   internal   fortnightly   newsletter   updating   the   staff   on   Google’s   latest   Ad   Innovations,   highlighting  recent  implantations  of  these  search  ad  innovations  across  various  accounts     Assistant  Producer  –  (Jul  2006  –  Aug  2007)     Spinifex  Interactive  -­‐  Media  Production  Company     • Booked   internal   resources,   communicated   project   requirements/changes   to   designers   and   uploaded   project   design   files  to  the  FTP  for  client  review  as  part  of  the  Doha  Olympic  Games  project  (Jul  06-­‐  Jan  07)   • Worked  hand-­‐in-­‐hand  with  the  engineering  team  to  refine  the  company’s  internal  FTP,  improving  client  asset  approval   process  and  workflow   • Created  the  company  induction  manual,  implemented  a  new  employees  orientation  process  and  worked  with  the  IT   team  to  create  an  internal  office  wiki/blog  to  improve  the  company’s  knowledge  management     TECHNICAL  SKILLS     Confident  building  basic  responsive  design  websites  using  WordPress,  Squarespace,  WIX  and  Dreamweaver   Proficient  using  a  host  of  social  media  tools  and  platforms:  Facebook  PowerEditor,  Twitter  Ads,  Simply  Measured   Reporting,  Hootsuite   • Experienced  using  Google  Marketing  products:  Adwords,  Adwords  Editor  and  Google  Analytics  and  other  agency   search  tools   • Ability  to  maximise  search  campaign  ROI/ROAS   • Tracking  tag  implementation   • Copywriter     EDUCATION       • • • • • • • •   Diploma  in  Management  (2011)   Google  Adwords  Professionally  Qualified  (2010)   Google  Analytics  Professionally  Qualified  (2010)   Yahoo  Search  Marketing  Ambassador  (2010)   Storm  Analytics  Professionally  Qualified  (2010)   Bachelor   of   Business   –   Major:   E-­‐Business   (Marketing)   /   Sub-­‐major:   Small   Business   Accounting   (2009),   University   of   Technology,  Sydney  (UTS)  –  Graduated  with  Distinction  and  a  Dean’s  Merit  Award     2 PERSONAL  INTERESTS     • • • •   Certified  Yoga  Teacher   Listening  to  live  music,  attending  music,  arts  &  cultural  festivals,  Art  Galleries  and  Museums   Enjoy  outdoor  activities  such  as  skiing,  scuba  diving,  hiking,  softball  and  surfing   Hobbies  include  ceramics  and  photography                       3    
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