Leon Hoffmann

Freelance Web Developer
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34 years old
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
6 years

My name is Leon, a 33 years old UI/UX designer and developer from the heart of Berlin.

I am really passionate about user interface design and development and have more than 6 years of professional experience in programming, UX & UI Design, Sketch, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS and WordPress and PHP.

I do high quality work and have a strong eye for design plus a very professional working attitude. On some German marketplaces I am TOP 1% of Freelancers.

Coming from the WordPress, PHP world I am shifting to JavaScript and React.js nowadays. What I really enjoy doing is creating high-performance websites and apps from beautiful UI designs.

Also, I teach coding on code-crowd.de to share the knowledge I gain. That also serve my drive to be a lifelong-learner.

I work with beawwwer.com - a team of skilled freelancers. We are a bunch of highly-professional freelancers executing clients projects and building teams, that suit exactly to projects needs. Whether it is one of us or a full dedicated team.

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