M. Juliana S. Arango

Translation, Education, Psychology
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35 years old
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
13 years

Latin American, single, childfree, backpacker (I wish...), and night-owl. Married to my work.

Majored in Psychology (Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin), with working experience as a private counselor and in translation. I enjoy being surrounded by multilingualism, and I love teaching, so I also work as a language teacher, both in Brazil, and online.

I undertook a couple of specialization courses on Anthropology (Soul Beliefs) and English (Academic writing).

My experience includes working in legal medicine, mental health and education institutions and organizations in Colombia and Brazil: Universidad de Antioquia, Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal, FiscalĂ­a General, Colegio Calazanz, Open Doors- The Learning Center, Aiesec Brasil, Buxton- Cultura Internacional, Skill Idiomas;

My working experience online: Babelcube Books (USA), Preply (Ukraine), Weeazy (Brazil), Translators Cafe and Translate If You Send (own working profile). There, I have taught English, French and Spanish, I have translated various types of e-books and some of their paperback versions as well as a number of scholarly articles and materials for researchers in Brazil of various subjects (management, engineering, psychology, education, history, agroforestry, economics, tourism, and sustainability).

I have good communication skills, an artistic side, and talent with people, which is also evident in my interests: history, philosophy, private counseling/ psychotherapy, mental health, public health, research, communication, writing, humanities, literature, cinema, publishing, translation, copywriting, edition, geography, biology, education, project management and multilingualism.

As to foreign languages: I am a Spanish native speaker, a fluent speaker of English, Portuguese and French, and an intermediate German user.

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