Manisha Rekhi

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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
25 years old
Croydon , London , United Kingdom
6 years
Manisha Rekhi BA(Hons) Illustration 2.1 Mobile number:- Email:-Personal statement: I recently graduated from Southampton Solent University with a 2.1 Bachelor of arts degree in illustration. I spent many years working on a variety of projects, both at university and independently to help strengthen my professional and innovative skills. I developed an interest in a search for a role in the creative industry to test my knowledge in a professional corporate environment and also to deepen my practical experience. I decided to pursue a career in marketing because, I can help raise awareness using different types of platforms both online and, or in the general public, whether it will be a business that is starting up or an organisation that should draw more attention to. I have proficient skills when it comes to using professional, creative software to develop a variety of designs. I particularly enjoy working with clay, stop-motion and cartoon design. Key Skills: • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator • Procreate • Microsoft Packages (Word, Office, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel) • iMovie Education: Southampton Solent University (September2014- July 2017) During my time at university, I expanded my skills as an illustrator by experimenting with different types of media as well as advancing my knowledge of using Adobe Creative Suite. I participated in the Christmas fundraiser to raise money for the end of year exhibition that showcased my work to a wide variety of clients. I also worked with top-tier technology and software packages to gain experience of how the corporate creative process functions and I engaged to be in New Designer during the past summer by creating badges and screen prints. List of modules: • Critical Discourse • Fairy tale and Folklore • Editorial • Contemporary Art Critique • Narrative Book Illustration: Concepts • Narrative Book Illustration: Realisation and Production • Dissertation • Negotiated Study • Final Major Project Coulsdon College (September 2012- June 2014) • BTEC Level 3 Art and Design – MMM (equivalent to 3 B's) • Functional skills English – Pass • Functional skills Math - Pass Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College (September 2007- July 2012) BTEC 2010 • Level 2 Art and Design – MPP (equivalent to 2 C's and a B) 5 GCSE's – passed in Math and English • Science - Distinction (equivalent to 3 A's) • Enterprise - Merit (equivalent to 3 B's) Employment History: Brand ambassador (September 2017- present), Panda Paw Achievements and Responsibilities: • Interacted with customers about the variety of Panda Paw products by using discount codes • Raise awareness through social media about how to save the pandas from their habitat • Giving feedback on the products they released Social Media Marketing Executive (July 2016- Present), Rajpal (, Croydon Achievements and Responsibilities: • Helped create social media content for various clients of different industries from music to healthcare. • Designed logos for clients from scratch • Provided market research by creating questionnaires and surveys Customer Service Assistant (February 2016- April 2016), Rice Up, 20 Hanover Buildings, Southampton Achievements and Responsibilities: During the time, I was working as a customer service at Rice Up, I helped build up the store by helping customers find what type of products they are interested to buy, monitored products to see which ones were out of date, reorganised products on top of shelves. Lastly, I helped set up window displays of products that were on sale or during the holiday period, such as Valentine's Day and Easter to help attract customers to arrive at the store. Customer Service Assistant (June 2016- August 2016), Oxfam charity shop, Streatham Achievements and Responsibilities: During the time I was working there, I provided friendly assistance to the customers by helping them with their donations and refunding items that they recently bought. Also, I organised books within genre and accessories, stacked CDs, and DVDs on shelves and put clothes on hangers for customers to buy. Volunteer (August 2015), Hotbox Events, Reading Festival During the summer, I spent the weekend volunteering at the Reading and Leeds Festival. What I did there was, I helped people set up their tents, put out fires around the tents that were a little out of control, put wristbands on peoples' wrists as they were entering the festival and helped people with directions both in and outside the festival. Work experience (July 2011), Nova 2, 53 Firth Road, Croydon During the week, I was doing my work experience at the hair salon, I provided assistance to clients by serving beverages to them, cleaned the inside of the salon, for example, swept hair off the floor, cleaned mirrors and work surfaces. Lastly, I organised hair products on the shelves. Interests and hobbies: My hobbies and interests that I like do in my spare time are, listening to different genres of music such as indie, alternative, and rock. Also, I like to sketch and occasionally sing, play the guitar and dance. I particularly enjoy sketching portraiture from photos of celebrities that I admire or inspire me. Another interest that I enjoy is boxing because it helps me to relieve stress and clear my mind. The types of books that I like to read are fiction and biographies of musicians that inspire me from everyday life. The reason why I have a strong passion for illustration and art is that when I was younger, I created drawings through my imagination using graphite, crayons, markers and colouring pencils. After I have gotten older, I gradually progressed onto using ink, watercolour and acrylic paints. I gained an interest in tattoo designs because I like how some of them has a story and meaning behind them. Also, how they are the different types of style of tattoos such as geometric, tribal, abstract, etc. References Available upon request
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