Maria Theodorou

Maria Theodorou

Applied Linguistics and TESOL
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
47 years old
Syros, Cyclades, Greece
10 years

Being a dedicated professional with very good educational background and a proven record of high performance, I am keen to share the vision of an organization with an innovative philosophy and become a resultant of its goals and achievements.

With reference to my educational background, the acquisition of a MA degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL helped me develop both personally and professionally. Not only did it serve as a basis for improving my academic writing skills and demonstrating my critical judgment, but it also provided me with the skills to perform discourse analysis, evaluate and write TESOL materials, do corpus-based research, and conduct a quantitative experiment which was grounded in cognitive linguistics.

As regards my career, I have been teaching English to speakers of other languages over the last 10 years. In Greece, either as a freelancer or as a member of staff, I have been teaching Junior to Adult classes, preparing candidates for ESOL, University of Michigan, EDEXCEL, and KPG exams. I have also served as the Director of Studies for a branch of a major language institution in Greece. In England, I have been teaching Intensive Academic and ESP classes to Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate level students from China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and Russia. The experience I have gained from working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds helped me see things from a broader perspective and achieve greater confidence in interacting with people from different ages, cultural backgrounds as well as level of education.

In a broader context, I’m considered to be a well-focused and detail-oriented employee with excellent organizational skills. My personal management skills and my interpersonal effectiveness make me someone who adapts well in the working environment. Significantly, I can work very well individually or as a part of a team, in face to face and in distance mode. I work well under pressure and I have always made sure that a deadline is met. As a person who believes in continuous personal and professional development I uphold that constructive feedback fuels motivation in the workplace. Hence, I aspire to work with people who would give me the opportunity to pursue my research oriented interests, broaden my knowledge, and build effective working relationships.

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