Marjohn Reglos

Campaign Coordinator
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26 years old
Laguna, IV-A, Philippines
3 years

I am a dynamic, hardworking, and results-oriented individual, offering solid knowledge and hands-on experience in administrative support and management. I am highly adaptable and is capable of integrating knowledge and learning to applied work processes. I possess excellent interpersonal skills which makes me able to establish strong professional relationships with colleagues, clients, and higher managers.

Throughout my career, I developed a strong sense of professionalism and dedication for efficient goal achievement. I also possess a strong background in project and events management which I can easily apply in numerous situations. I am also familiar with handling marketing campaigns and writing various content.

My overall skills, penchant for detail, made me an above average individual. My experience working as a coordinator as well as a writer aided me in honing my communication and coordination capabilities. In addition to that, I am well-versed in various protocols in project implementation and monitoring.


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