Mark Leong

I am a Copywriter by profession, with an intermediate knowledge of SEO-friendly writing practices.
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
29 years old
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
3 years

My experience in writing comes from a variety of backgrounds:

  • Journalist - Fashion journalist in a CATALOG magazine (Singapore)

I have conducted interviews professionally with local and international renowned figures in the music and fashion industry. I am also proficient in breathing life into interview notes to create flawless content pieces used for content marketing in the form of blog posts, or on print.

Represented the company on a press trip to Seoul, South Korea to witness a product launch held by Converse.

  • Web Copywriter (Client-facing)

With an intimate knowledge of copywriting for digital purposes, my experience is backed with a degree in Communication Studies (Journalism), as well as a 2-year stint in a Web Development agency. Having written copy for more than 100 websites with a slant towards SEO-friendliness for marketing purposes, I seek to understand the pain points of each business and use them to amplify the Unique Selling Points (USPs) in order to boost the business' image and reputation.

I have a tested and proven interview process whereby I gather information from companies before getting down to the actual written work - this is to ensure that my knowledge and the business' objectives are on the same page.

  • Digital Copywriter (Client-side)

As a digital copywriter, I undertook the governance of all digital content/copy from the mobile app, to the online store and the Dotcom. I developed and refined a copy style guide within my first half-year mark that is used throughout the company, and also revamped the Dotcom blog to include more useful and relevant content that appeals to our customers. I am also capable of managing writers under my wing (in an client-agency relationship) and ensuring that work gets delivered on time. At the same time, my intermediate knowledge of SEO allows me to tailor copy that is both considerate of online visibility, yet relevant and appealing to readers/visitors.

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