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MARK LEONG C V Leong Zhiwei Mark- Hello. I am an individual driven by the potential for creativity in delivering messages. I believe that words hold the key to influence the masses. I am always up for a challenge, and will find all possible means to overcome any obstacles. I achieve satisfaction from thinking out of the box to solve problems, and am always willing to step out of the comfort zone to reach my goals. Music and fashion are two areas I’m passionate about, and the opportunity and experience to write about them is something I will always be thankful for. BASICS INTERESTS Music Indie, Electronic, Folk Fashion Streetwear, Miansai, Stale & Co. Birthday: 26th June 1990 Address: 104 Jalan Rajah, #15-56 S(321104) Languages: English Mandarin Cantonese Phone (H): - Drums Self-taught 12 years EXPERIENCE Aug 2015 - Present 2014 - 2015 - - Reading Neil Gaiman, Kazuo Ishiguro, Jodi Picoult Travelling Love solo backpacking Favourite: USA/Canada QUALIFICATIONS Verz Design, Copywriter - Manage client portfolios and business objectives, translate them into marketable content strategies online. Works alongside Project Managers & Designers. CATALOG Magazine, Online Writer Update the magazine’s website regularly with articles related to fashion, entertainment and design and updating the social media platforms. Jan 2013 - Apr 2013 Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, NTU BA (Hons) Communication Studies University of Western Ontario; London, Canada Overseas Student Exchange Programme PATHS, Copywriter/Social Media Manager Designed collaterals and wrote copy for the interfaith campaign, managed Facebook page. ( Pred8or, Editor-in-Chief SKILLS Produced the Hall of Residence annual magazine, managed design and copy editing functions of the team. Music Writing Fashion Writing Travel Writing Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign iBooks Author Jan 2014 - Jun 2014 CATALOG Magazine, Editorial Assistant Social Media Campaign Management Photography Adobe Lightroom Jan 2012 - May 2012 Nanyang Chronicle, Photo Editor & Writer Writing for online and print editions, assist with social media updates. Managed a team of photo-journalists, shot bi-weekly photo stories for publication, pre-publication image processing. Wrote articles for Lifestyle, Reviews, and Opinions sections. @markleong markleongzw mark.leong P O R T FOLIO PORTFOLIO WRITING PHOTOGRAPHY Of Trying Times is a project conceived by Peixin Tan to explore the anxiety of being in one’s twenties. This collaboration - “Almost There” - explores the process of coming of age in a visual representation of childhood, and how it transforms gradually in a pool of experiences to form our adolescence. In a very visceral way, “Almost There” touches the essence of what it feels like to be young, and how we face the treacherous road ahead going towards adulthood. In cooperation with the Singaporean designer, I translated the meanings she hoped to convey into marketable content, which helped to bring life to the product in meaningful, yet attention-grabbing words. You may view the project here: COPYWRITING Effect Audio is an eCommerce business that retails homemade audio cables to pursue a unadulterated, pure, and refined audio experience for audiophiles all around the world. Private Wealth Association is an organisation aimed at building the private wealth hub of Asia, by creating a “healthy ecosystem of High Net Worth Individuals, professionals, and industry experts in Singapore”. As part of a rebranding exercise, I conducted a simple audit on the copy of their previous website, and surveyed some problems that should be corrected in the new website. Although the requirements of the project are simple, the financial jargon required for this project would be hard to grasp and understand. As a precursor to starting this project, it was necessary for me to conduct a detailed requirement-gathering meeting to fully understand the client’s needs. Making sound recommendations that will aid the business to market itself better through the use of catchy taglines and building up branded services such as “Bespoke”, Effect Audio was reborn – with more effective and attention-grabbing taglines. Building upon some researched knowledge, this copy was created and combined with marketable callto-actions in order to garner memberships for the organisation. The results were proven – an approximate 20% raise in time spent on the About Us page, as well as a low 17% bounce rate. I worked with a branding consultant on this project in order to breathe life into the Private Wealth Association’s website. You may view the project here: COPYWRITING You may view the project here: COPYWRITING P O R T FOLIO OWL Coffee is a renowned subsidiary brand under the Super franchise. This project required copywriting for their corporate website. Despite the commercial nature of coffee products, part of the project’s aims were to market the OWL brand to the F&B industry, rather than to end-users. Thus, there was a need to combine credibility and engaging content in a convincing way to garner three audience segments: - Investors - Retailers - End-users The copy was constructed with a strong emphasis on storytelling, yet sprinkled with organisational facts and credentials, which satisfied the client’s requirements. You may view the project here: CATALOG Magazine Issue #114: The Wanderlust Issue March 2014 MUSIC FEATURE P O R T FOLIO CATALOG Magazine Issue #113: The Haute Love Issue February 2014 P O R T FOLIO FASHION FEATURE CATALOG Magazine Issue #117: The Throwback Issue June 2014 INTERVIEW P O R T FOLIO P O R T FOLIO ALTERNATIVE DEFINED Perhaps Alt-J’s name isn’t derived from a simple keyboard shortcut. Perhaps, if one takes the time to analyse their lyrics, we will be able to define the band through its use of abstract terms and storytelling to bring forth melodies and harmonies within the pages of a novel. The undiscerning might take their lyrics as a stream-of-consciousness type of lyrical waxing; a la Courtney Barnett, but the likelihood of the deeper meanings that are embedded within stanzas of words disproves that. Many have gone into greater depths to explore the literary interpretations behind every line, every word, but maybe that is what the “Alt” in Alt-J stands for: alternative; as in alternative interpretations. Take for example, “Hunger of The Pine”, taken from their sophomore studio album This Is All Yours. At face value, it might seem like a typical situation of love lost, coupled with the pining for the other party and the hurt he receives within. But what lies beneath unveils a greater storyline; that the protagonist is pining for something that has already been lost and dead. The ‘butterflies’ pinned as memories on a wall are parallel to the figurative ‘butterflies in your stomach’; that feeling you get when you are in love. As many would know, sleep finally overwhelms the inability to stay awake to numb the pain (as insomnia is a drug), and he warms up to the idea of the incompatibility of ‘us’. Moving on, the protagonist takes heart in finding a new ‘you’, slowly cancelling out the need to ‘hunger’ for pining for his first love. This of course, is just our interpretation of the single, and there are many others that talk about completely different entities. But at the heart of Alt-J, it is the stories that emerge from a song woven together into a unique patchwork that define the band; like a literary exposition. Cafe Review: Chye Seng Huat Hardware Of late, Singaporeans are crazy about coffee. But coffee in its purest and most pristine form isn’t enough, because to citizens of the bustling and ever-growing green city, coffee is a lifestyle, and true enjoyment must be accompanied by some sort of ambience that pervades the tasteexperience of the addictive drug in their cup. And ambience is what Chye Seng Huat Hardware has to offer in conjunction with their magnificent coffee to give you reasons to keep coming back. The coffee joint, named inconspicuously “Chye Seng Huat Hardware”, may fool regular passersby with its industrial look, but it really is a café paying tribute to the rich industrial history of the area it is located in. The surreptitiously tucked away coffee joint, complete with a metal gate that always stays half-open, bestows an isolation from the hustle-and-bustle of Jalan Besar, yet blends in perfectly with the architecturally delightful shophouses that line the road by preserving its simple shop-front belonging to the eras before today. Step past beyond the boundary that separates the coffee addicts from the “kopi-addicts” (who dot every hawker centre and traditional coffee shop in the area), and you’re immediately introduced to the delicate atmosphere of the caffeine-connoisseurs, expedited by the very friendly staff who are never tardy in their greetings and their efforts in “welcoming you to the club”. The interior is replete with furniture that may seem like they are arranged anarchically, but are all unanimously promoting the big, bold and brown vintage ideal of the industrial setting. The concrete floor preserves a good grasp of reality, portraying the possibility of a good blend between modern and days of old. A coffee bar with seats all around give a good view of the baristas serving up your daily cuppas. The attentive people dressed-inblack are your best friends – other than your coffee cup – for the day, because they will be your source of entertainment should you be occupying a seat with a good vantage point. Should you choose to sit yourself down elsewhere, the exploratory nature of the café provides a heterogeneity of space utilisation; some seats are good for discussion (i.e. the small square tables) or a good luncheon with colleagues (i.e. the long table near the stairs to the Tyrwhitt General Co.). The bar-like seats at the back of the space give you room for solitude as you pick up a newspaper with enough elbow space to read comfortably. The coffee is a wondrous luxury; it affords the office-goer a great way to ease into the rush of the morning, while the casual café hipsters can appreciate its ability to grant a serenity useful for a day of YouTube-surfing, or computer work. The thickness of the Espresso + Milk (5.50 SGD) is just about right, with a rich, chocolatey flavour that lingers as a sublime aftertaste. The regulars are no stranger to the Ice Cold Brew (7 SGD) here, which is brewed daily. Delivered exquisitely in a fancy bottle, it could be any Singaporean’s guilty pleasure on a hot summer’s day (which would mean everyday). So when you head to the concert on 17 May at The Coliseum, be ready to become part of their narrative; because after all, this is all yours. They also sell a variety of confectionery and mains, which you could have as company to your good ol’ java. CATALOG Magazine (Online) May 2015 Geek Appraisal November 2013 MUSIC REVIEW But if you only have 10 minutes to spare, the cup of joe would be your best companion here in Chye Seng Huat Hardware. F&B REVIEW P O R T FOLIO YOUNG THE GIANT – MIND OVER MATTER It’s been four years since Young The Giant released their first Of course, the question lingering on most minds is: “Are you really eponymous album, and boy, did four years do a lot to change the band’s inclinations within the circle of indie rock. It is hard to say for sure whether it was a whole lot of good or bad, because in their newest album, Mind Over Matter, there are pickings from their old formula; the honey-coated girl-coaxing vocal tenacity of Sameer Gadhia, but also a penny’s worth of this new grungy, distortion-laden electronic-slash-industrial feel that is an acquired taste. Riding off on almost half a decade of popularity and far from being a one-hit-wonder with well-received singles like “Cough Syrup” (the sweet melodies that guitar enthusiasts love to charm girls with), “My Body” and “I Got”, perhaps the So-Cal band is looking for a change, something that is widely sought after by artists who are already making it big with their debut studio albums. But this change comes with a huge risk; it will either earn them the ambassador status for “Change Is Bad For You” in the music arena, or propel them to the pedestals of musical heaven, a la Arcade Fire. But first, let’s talk singles. “It’s About Time” was released in late October last year as the lead single from their album, and like its namesake, it is also a self-professed declaration from the quintet; three years is long enough, it is time to break the band equipment out again and start recording. And record they did, with a whole lot of attitude put into this track. With the unreserved use of overdrive on the guitars, and a more rock-god approach to the drums, Young The Giant manages to make a statement with this album’s preview single: “We’re back, we’re bigger, we’re better!” better now?” Faithful fans might be disappointed to hear that the band has given up most of its roots in sappy love choruses and songs for the broken heart, swapping them for the abstractly named tracks like “Crystallized” and “Camera” and lyrics that might not mean a lot: “All the lights aglow / Tokyo snows…” That might be the root of the problem of this second album. It might not succumb to the “second album syndrome”, falling away from the rest of the band’s discography. But the DNA of Young The Giant has been synthesized from day one as something the broken-hearted, lovelorn, or newly-attached look to for emotional support and affirmation, so Mind Over Matter counts as an unwinding of that which is the heart of everything they stood for. Alongside this dissolution comes a falling out of fans, a loss of favour and a slump in popularity. But wait! If they were gunning to be the popular indie rock darlings that would charm the hearts of many like how Alex Turner did with Arctic Monkeys, perhaps their new formula would garner new fans to make up for those they might potentially lose. After all is said and done, it really is hard to put Mind Over Matter on a solid foundational scale and give them the rating they might or might not deserve, but one thing stands: you either like it, or you don’t. Or if you still prefer the old balanced and tame sound they produced, stick to “Firelight”, which is a good throwback to the good old days of their first studio album. CATALOG Magazine (Online) May 2015 ALBUM REVIEW CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY Behchoko, North Slave Region, NWT, Canada Four Corners Monument (AZ, NM, CO, UT) Johnnie Dick (Jon) is a Native American living in Shiprock, NM who specializes in Sand Art. The art pieces he produces are amazingly detailed, and at the point when I was speaking to him, he was actually working on a piece that depicts turtles, complete with shading detail. In Yellowknife, with a population of barely 20,000, the city dwellers are so fortunate to sleep under the Northern Lights every night. Jon’s stall front at the Four Corners Monument showcases many of his beautiful artwork. He professes to have a deep love for art, and this is how he shows it. Here are a few interesting facts: The people in Yellowknife are vastly different from those who live in the southern (more popular) cities. 1. 2. “I have people coming from all over the world to see my artwork,” he said. 3. 4. When asked to pose for a photo with his favourite masterpiece, he replied, “All of it!” 5. It is my honour to have met Jon, to be the first Singaporean visitor to view his artwork. I am proud to say I have a deep appreciation for his artwork. They never lock their doors, because everyone knows everyone (almost) in this small community. “In Yellowknife, you can get whatever you want.” - Susan, our host for the first few nights Gas, food and beer are very expensive. People can earn large amounts of money here, possibly because of the diamond mining/gold mining industry. It rarely snows here. This photo was taken in Edzo (Behchoko), right outside the six-plex we were hosted in for a night. Jon is the owner of Johnnie Dick Sand Art, located at 2901 E Elm St., Farmington NM 87401. PHOTO STORY Away from most light pollution, the view was spectacular that night, and despite the varying temperatures ranging from -30 to -40 degrees that night, we were entirely satisfied with our visit up north, and it was a great way to end our trip. PHOTO STORY Pierre-Yves Even, 23. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY All images are property of Mark Leong except publication pullouts.
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