Marllam Mohtadi Ghanbarian

Marllam Mohtadi Ghanbarian

Manager's Assistant, CEO VA, Customer Support, Typist, Translator, Psychologist.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
36 years old
Natal, Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil
10 years

My name is Marllam Mohtadi Ghanbarian, my parents are Iranians, I was born in Paraguay but I recently moved into Brazil (two years ago). I've lived in Paraguay, Ecuador, Argentina, and now I am established in Brazil. I've been working remotely for several years (since 2013) and I look for long term positions, it will be a pleasure to receive your contact in order to start with the processes and hopefully the tasks if I am selected.

I do have experience working for Marketing Agencies this year (In Studio Interactive). I've been working for IN STUDIO INTERACTIVE, as a Business Development Manager with the prospecting calls, call for email, funnels at Bitrix24, using tools such as Trello, Asana and Tolky. Also managing the copywriting articles for their internal campaigns. We also worked on all the SEO keywords and meta descriptions related to some client’s websites.

I also have a wide experience retrieving system reports and building Excel reports using pivot tables, I did that for more than 6 years for a big Construction Company called Fabrica S.R.L. working remotely as well as you can appreciate within my CV. We discontinued due to the argentine crisis at the beginning of 2019, after they reduced 80% of their administrative employees.

I am a Psychologist, Assistant, Writer, Copywriter, Translator, and video editor with experience subtitling and dubbing. I also have experience building sites with control panels such as Wix, Strikingly, redirecting sites, Replicating sites (step by step), working on SEO for Site and Content, etc. I have experience with Excel reports, pivot tables, and CRM cloud formats as Bitrix 24. I have skills using and Asana to manage projects. I speak and write in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Persian.

I have a total predisposition for learning and feedback, as well as fluency in communication as an important part of a reliable attitude towards work.

Some detailed tasks I also have experience in:

As a Writer and Copywriter: I have vast experience as a writer and copywriter using writing platforms to engage with my customers.

As an Assistant:

Reception of visits and suppliers of Managing Partners (Owners). Communications: Receiving calls; the transmission of communications; reception, registration, and distribution of physical correspondence, official communications, requests, etc.; Meetings: Preparation of Minutes and Follow-up of decisions of weekly Operating Committee meetings. Reports: preparation of monthly reports such as withdrawals and expenses of managing partners, correspondence record received throughout the company, report analysis of expenses of some items of the company for items requested, recording the use of time in my function (analysis), emailing follow-ups of requested reports to managers, and meeting decisions and progress. Calendar: a record of appointments in Outlook, sending constant agenda update file. Other tasks: preparation of power points, scans, transcriptions, translations.

Testing and Diagnosis of web applications as make up apps online. Follow-up of bugs that were fixed, writing about errors, and daily reports of the testing results in the English language.

As Customer Support Representative:

 Customer service in English in relation to plans and services of cell phone companies in foreign countries as T-Mobile. Management of customer’s accounts and changes of features at the customer's request. Sales and shipment of cell phones and basic technical service. A detailed report of each call. 

As a Psychologist:

Owner in Psychological Clinic

 Diagnosis and Treatment of Children, Teenagers, and Adults. Diagnosis and Treatment of several cases as depression, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, OCD, Relationship Counselling, and other shorter interventions.

Recruitment for Start ups.

-Sportive Psychologist:

Meetings with the coach, interviews with the group and the coach, individual interviews, interviews with the group. Group sessions Evaluations through POMS questionnaires (motivation and anxiety) and joint analysis on the SWOT (Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Threats) of the team in a progressive way of evaluating the transformations. Interventions optimizing training, analysis, and teamwork. Exercises of muscle and mental relaxation techniques and focusing.

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