Marsha Turner

I love helping people by making their work more efficient, and teaching them to help themselves.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
47 years old
Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
24 years

I specialize in helping people by resolving issues or questions. I am great at organizing and disseminating information, writing and presenting training material, researching and identifying issues and translating between clients and developers. I have a wide array of experience in the IT field. I have done everything from programming to quality assurance to hardware and software support to user and server administration. I am fluent with all aspects of the software development life cycle. I can write anything from client newsletters, detailed bug reports, marketing material, knowledge base articles, user manuals and web pages. By understanding all areas of IT I have a fairly rare ability to be a sort of jack of all trades that can do everything from building a pc to cabling to programming to software qa to end user training and support. I have decades of customer service experience, and many years of proven ability working remotely. I have a helpful and friendly personality with a can-do attitude as well as a drive that makes sure that I do get it done. With a warm and empathetic voice I quickly put clients at ease with a feeling of confidence that I will be able to assist them well.


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