Martynas Jockus

Socio-philosophical analyst
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Vannes, Britanny, France
5 years

Throughout my life I have been baffled by questions about the structure of our society, an individual's place in it, about life in its totality. This has led me to pursue a career of education and work of social, cultural, political research and projects, as well as a life path of personal spiritual quests. 

On my professional field I have developed competences in researching and writing about sociopolitical issues, to name a few:

  • societal integration processes on local, regional, and global levels;
  • manipulation of political, ethnic, social, religious, etc. affiliations to sustain conflict as a means of power instrument;
  • discourse of conflict and reconciliation;
  • citizen mobilisation and protest action, civil movements;
  • development of a global citizenship identity.

On my personal field, I have spent the last 3 years freely travelling around the globe learning about the peoples of our world, contemplating spiritual dilemmas and questions of practical philosophy, such as:

  • the freedom of choice vs the obligations of societal pressures;
  • lifestyle and environmental awakening;
  • heart vs mind dilemmas in long-term choices.

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