Matias Carlos Siri

Cloud Computing Expert: AWS
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42 years old
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
20 years

Hi, I'm a human, a real one. My name is Matias, and everybody knows me as Lechu (sounds like "let you")

I’m from Argentina and I have what it takes to get this job done. I have vast experience working with Windows and Linux instances running in EC2 in an AWS environment.

Next, a few answered questions about my working hours profile:

  • Are you a native English speaker? Nope, but my english is very very fluent and can afford crisis calls with multiple audiences.
  • What are your normal working hours? Usually from 06:00 AM CST to 6 PM CST
  • Do you mind working outside of normal working hours? eg: Mornings, evenings, weekends? Of curse not.
  • Will you work during US Time Zone? (GMT -5) business hours? (9am-5pm) or MST (GMT -8)? Not a problem.
  • What holiday calendar do you follow? Argentinian calendar.

Please let me tell you that I have all that knowledge (and more) about that. Of course I'm not an expert in all technologies that you'll surely need for your system, but let me tell you that I have enough contacts who help me on the cases where customers needs the knowledge that I can't deliver to them.

At the same time, I'll like to let you know that when you contract my services, you are getting not jus the job but a continues point of contact to clear and help you to resolve all your issues and future implementations.

Feel free to contact me to adjust the budget for long term services. I'll be more than happy to adjust it for you.

With best regards,

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