Matthew Stuckings

Shopify Partner and Ecommerce Operations Specialist
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
31 years old
Bayswater, VIC, Australia
2 years

Key Achievements in Ecommerce Management & Driving Growth

  • Launch of two websites creating $USD962,000 of revenue in 8 months at my last employer

  • Increased the AOV from $USD178 to $USD200, significantly impacting revenue

  • Project managed the requirements, business rules, development and end-to-end testing of an API connection between 3PL partner based in Europe and middleware routing engine Shipstation.

  • Automated the shipping of replacement units, samples and customer inquiries through Typeform and Zapier, using Agile methods to iterate until a solution was found with available technology. Reducing data entry by 259 hours in 6 months, creating 2,220 shipments, tracking inventory for accounting, and reducing processing from 10-15 business days to next business day. In addition to creating 2,085 tickets with pre-filled information, reducing agent touches to solve from 6 to 2

  • Spearheaded order and replacement fraud guidelines, limiting CNP fraud to industry standards of 0.3 - 0.5% of total sales, removing chargeback risk from in excess of $100,000 in transactions

  • Headed inventory and global logistics through five warehouses. Created a demand planning system for stock alerts to monitor levels during flash sales and inform manufacturing of the next production batch for lead times. Creating stability from chaos, leading consistent revenue

  • Data analytics from multiple platforms including purchase and shipping patterns, GMV, CNP fraud, campaign performance, and AOV

  • Technical SEO including canonical links, page redirects, keyword search and page layout iterations

  • Digital merchandising, taxonomy, navigation, and filming video tutorials for social and EDM

  • Constructed the customer journey for end-to-end fulfillment, abandonment and welcome series


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