Matthew Vella

Product Designer | Interaction Designer | Branding
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31 years old
Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland
4 years MATTHEW VELLA U I / U X DESI G NE R SOMETHING ABOUT ME Hi! I am a product designer at and I enjoy working with teams to produce functional interfaces, together with setting up a smooth process from the development stage to the end user. These past 4 years I have been helping companies, shape up their product from concept to completion. I believe in honest, open collaboration and good communication to achieve successful results and have a sound process through-out. WORK EXPERIENCE EDUCATION PRODUCT DESIGNER BACHELOR’S DEGREE MODUSCREATE | REMOTE | Mar ‘16 - Present MCAST - Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Institute Working in a fast-paced agile environment within different Achieved my BA (HONS) in Graphic Design & interactive Media teams and on various projects. Constantly improving the UX in areas consisting of, UI design, Motion design, Creative and UI on ongoing projects and products. Branding and Interactive applications. UI/UX DESIGNER DIPLOMA in Web & Computer Networks BONIAL.COM | BERLIN | Jan ‘14 - May ’16 MCAST Institute Leading the web product design and working closely with the Before moving into design I accomplished higher studies in web product and dev team on unifying designs across Web and Mobile, and computer networks where I studied Webapp design, Server and assisting the UX designers. Communication and Computer Networking. UI/GRAPHIC DESIGNER GRADUATE NETREFER | MALTA | Oct ‘12 - Jan ’14 M.A. Vassalli Secondary School Working with the some of the biggest online casinos by creating Learned all the basic disciplines and got all my grades to pursue Microsites, Web Apps, and Ad-banners, together with handling all further studies. Up to this point in time business management the print marketing collateral for NetRefer. was my preferred area of studies. SKILLS LANGUAGES Visual Design MALTESE 100% ENGLISH 100% GERMAN 40% User Experience Prototyping Motion Design HTML/CSS THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

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