Mehmet Turan

Photography editor, retoucher, video editor, CGI artist specialized in advertisement images
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
47 years old
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
18 years

My name is Mehmet Turan, I am a photographer & freelance retoucher based in Istanbul, Turkey. I love photography especially digital part of it. I like compositing, CGI and using digital effects. In terms of photography I mainly shoot portrait, fashion & composites that requires good planning and post production work.

As I started to learn retouching for my work I found it inspiring and realized that creative work from other artists helps me to develop as well. I've started retouching with Photoshop over 17 and making digital art for over 15 years. My main clients are ad agencies in Turkey which some operate internationally.

I try to keep images simple and natural. I use non destructive methods that enables me edit, revert and change revisions fast (that means less cost on hourly projects) In last two years I have started editing videos. Mentality is not far different than editing still images.I have done commercial cinemagraph projects, video edits, 3D/CGI animations and After Effect animations that you may find samples on my website.

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