Melaneo Bobby Maraquilla

Data Researcher / Data Processing / Order Processing / Data Analysis
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41 years old
Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines
19 years

I have acquired 19 years experience working in different fields of works. Recently, working as Researcher in a publishing company in Australia. I was given a chance to work from home in multiple projects for data processing, data researcher, order processing and other more administrative jobs. Previously working in a BPO company for 10 years in the field of data processing. 7 years handling the position as Lead Transaction Analyst and 3 years working in a data entry processing.

I want to have a great opportunities to make a career in reputed company, for that I will work hard and try to improve and add company strategy.

To meet business goals and deadline, I will help the company in achieving this goals.

I have adaptable skills to adapt new strategy, methods, and techniques to meet business deadlines and achievements.

Having a strong position in research and data entry processing, I would like to employ all my skills, knowledge and experiences while being challenged to increase my capability. 

To develop this specific career will serve as a great help and contribution to the firm and for different people especially to my family. Working with confidence will serve as my stepping stone to achieve my desire goal.

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