Michail Timoleon

Software developer
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
52 years old
Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
5 years

Michael is an electrical & computer engineer who likes great software and innovating ideas. When a user is happy with his code then he will try harder to make him happier. Started coding at 1984 with the first computers (Sinclair) of that age. During his studies at Aristotle university of Thessaloniki studied among other engineering things, networks, assembly language, Pascal and C language. Worked in construction industry for many years and from 2013 returned in software development.

He is using visual studio, has knowledge and working with C# .Net, SQL, SQLite, TFS, NUnit, did a little Xamarin, ASP.Net, web service, HTML and CSS and now learning Javascript, Angular, React and ASP in more depth and other parts of web development.

A highly motivated professional with strong communication skills feeling comfortable in interacting with all levels of a public or private organization and public. Adept at multitasking to achieve individual and team goals. Committed to detail, quality and excellence, problem solver with analytical thinking and an ability to adapt to new situations. Never give up a challenge and many times worked overtime when need it to catch a due date. Able to learn a system, a framework or a language fast with a desire for continuous personal growth. Able to make decisions independently and quickly with minimal escalations.

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