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54 years old
Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
6 years
Name: Michael Timoleon Mobile Phone: - (09:00-10:00, 19:00-21:00 GMT+3) - Skype: mi.timo Email:-Summary Michael is an electrical & computer engineer who likes great software and innovating ideas. Has completed from ground up an iOS application published at app store, two commercial desktop applications, a web app management system for candidate’s application and examinations for a national organization, other micro services as applications for bigger projects and created websites Drupal and WordPress. Being a highly motivated professional with strong communication skills feeling comfortable in interacting with all levels of a public or private organization and public. Adept at multitasking to achieve individual and team goals. Able to make decisions independently and quickly with minimal escalations. Committed to detail, quality and excellence, problem solver with analytical thinking and with ability to adapt to new situations. Never give up a challenge and always find a way to go around whatever is in the way to achieve a goal. Hard working and willing to go above and beyond learning new skills with a desire for continuous personal growth. As a genuine engineer likes being updated about new technologies by watching conference videos, taking online classes, reading blogs, books, and writing his own code at home to test a new technology. Keywords / Skill Set • Languages: C#, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS • Libraries: JQuery, Lodash • Frameworks: ASP.NET Core, Dapper, Entity framework, WPF, ANGULAR • Design Patterns: MVVM, Prism, Unity container, IoC, Dependency injection, Publishsubscribe, SOLID principles, GRASP principals • Application servers: Node JS, Electron JS • • • • • Services: WCF, Windows Service, Web Services, REST API Database systems: SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, REDIS Testing: NUnit, XUnit, Jest, Karma, Jasmine Repositories: Gitlab, TFS, GitHub Other: Agile, Linux, IOT, Multi-Threading MQTT and FIWARE protocols Education: 1994 Electrical Engineer & Computer Engineer Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece Degree EQF level 7 in Electrical & Computer Engineering (focus on computer electronics) Certificates: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Microsoft Virtual Academy: Getting Started with Web Technologies 2017 Udemy: JavaScipt understanding the weird parts 2017 License UC-B5SW8UXC Udemy: Web Design for Web Developers 2017 License UC-DB2AXUTL Udemy: The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course License 2017 UC-1OUIOWPS Microsoft Virtual Academy: Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 2017 Udemy: Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide 2017 License UC-6TAV5MZ1 Microsoft Virtual Academy: Leverage the Full Power of .NET 2015 in Your Apps 2016 Microsoft Virtual Academy: Xamarin for Absolute Beginners 2016 Udemy: C# Advanced Topics, 2016 License UC-UWFVUWCG Udemy: Introduction to Web Technologies, 2016 License UC-5KQLWQX5 Udemy: Programming for Complete Beginners in C#, 2014 License UC-SNLM2IP7 Udemy: MySQL Database For Beginners, 2014 License UC-IC6SL26I Udemy: SQL Server For Beginners, 2014, License UC-6PV7VEYA Languages: • Greek, mother language • English, First Certificate in English Cambridge (ESOL) B2 1986 • German, A1 (Duolingo Estimated 2016), currently studying Academic research: Prototype Searching Algorithms 4th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics 1994. A study for innovating algorithms on searching patterns in large strings, RNAs, etc. Employment History: December 2020 – present Chief Technical Officer (CTO) CAPTAIN COACH P.C., captaincoach.gr Being Chief Technical Officer in a high innovating company providing digital solutions for healthy ageing and independent living. Technologies: AI, Face and voice recognition, NLP (Natural language processing), Modeling and Machine learning, Movement analysis Jul 2019 – December 2020 Software Engineer, Developer BetAdvanced SA Worked as software engineer on company products and in the following projects: ● PROJECT “Sportsbook” Key technologies: Rest API, ASP.NET Core, Multithreading, .NET core, Postgres, Redis, ActiveMQ, MQTT, Swagger, Postman, Docker, AWS Developing back end infrastructure services for real time data manipulation and API endpoints for product. Jan 2018 - Present Technical Lead, Senior Software Engineer, Developer Medical Physics Laboratory, Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Working as technical lead in ASSOS software development team, developing modern applications, services and websites, for laboratory projects and operations. Worked in the following projects: ● PROJECT “Captain”: https://www.captain-eu.org/ Key technologies: Linux, Publish-Subscribe services, MQTT, FIWARE, JavaScript, Rest API, ASP.NET Core, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Swagger, Postman Project coordinator and developing services (Node.js, Angular and ElectronJS) for main device and back end services (ASP.NET Core, WEB API) running on server side. Also converting WCF services to Rest API with ASP.NET Core. ● PROJECT “FitForAll”: Key technologies: ANGULAR, TypeScript, Html, CSS, MySQL Developing new FitForAll platform front end. Mainly converting web application from old AngularJS to new ANGULAR framework and also adding some new content as project evolves. Jul 2018 – Nov 2018 Development Team member, Software Engineer, Developer, Worked in and finished: ● PROJECT “ESDI” Key technologies: Asp.Net Core, Entity Framework, Razor, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL Participated as main developer in development of ESDI (National School of Judges) organization’s management system for candidates’ applications and examinations, candidates’ evaluation and examination results reports. Jan 2013 – Dec 2017 Software Engineer, Developer – sole proprietorship, Founder CleverApps Working as founder and software engineer, producing applications and services. Worked and completed the following projects: ● PROJECT “CleverApps” Key technologies: Html, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP. Created and uploaded a website for projects promotion and download (www.cleverapps.gr). ● PROJECT “Tameio” Key technologies: C#, design patterns, SOLID principles, GRASP principles, NUnit Testing, Prism, TFS, GIT repository, WPF, MVVM, Web service, Dependency injection, SQLite, Windows Service, Git. Currently in production, a WPF application from ground up (mock-ups, writing code, deploying, support), for businesses, a money manager for customer/supplier liabilities and obligations of the business. The application has a power filter for getting the relevant data from database, has customer/supplier management, price tables, services packets and more and includes a yearly licensing system with a web service and online registration. The app will offer connection with the task manager described below. ● PROJECT “Organosi” Key technologies: C#, SOLID principles, GRASP principles, NUnit Testing, Prism, GIT repository, WPF, MVVM, Web service, Dependency injection, SQLite, Windows Service, Git. Developed WPF application “Organosi”, from ground up (mock-ups, writing code, deploying, support), for accountant offices and other business with tasks, a task manager for customer/supplier liabilities and obligations of the office. The application has a power filter for getting the relevant data (time spent, services, and tasks) from database, has customer/supplier management with clever service assignment and includes a yearly licensing system with a web service and online registration. ● PROJECT e-Shop Key technologies: Prestashop, PHP, JavaScript Installed and created an e-shop for construction products selling. ● PROJECT BMI-calc Key technologies: Objective C, iOS 6.0 Developed and published at the AppStore as an Apple developer, a mobile application for iPhone which calculates and presents BMI index of the human body. Nov 1994 - Jan 2013 Electrical project manager and administrator engineer • Key technologies: Electrical Engineer, Construction Industry. Worked in construction industry as administrator and project manager in public and private constructions. The projects were about electrical installations, lift installations, central heating, energy upgrade and complete renovation works. Was administering multiple construction projects simultaneously. Oct 1987 - Jun 1989 Electrical & Computer Engineer (undergraduate) Elite Computers SA • Key technologies: Pascal, C, IBM compatibles. • • • Programming computers, translating programs to Greek language. Technical support on computer systems. Modifying and building pc compatible systems Interests and Hobbies: My favorite hobby is amateur astronomy and night star photography. Also I like embedded software and internet of things technology and I am excited when learning new technologies. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K which I still have. I am a member of CodeProject, StackOverflow and other communities. Finally I am a fun and occasionally playing (when I have time to spent) Elite Dangerous Game by Frontier Development all versions since 1985.
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