Mihail Milushev

Actionscript programmer
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Varna, Varna, Bulgaria
10 years
Mihail MIlushev Email:- Carrier Objective: To work as actionscript developer of web, desktop and mobile projects. Skills: Languages: Actionscript3 (OOP), AIR SDK, JSFL, PHP, MySQL Frameworks:Starling, Feathers, Citrus, Nape, Robotlegs, Pure MVC Tools:Flash Builder, Flash, Photoshop, Texture Packer, Flump Extensions:ANEs for Social, Gaming, Billing, Ads, Analytics, Notifications and other. From 2006 worked as freelancer on many projects for: onnup.gr – Lead programmer (AS2,AS3) dynamicfactory.com – Lead programmer (AS3, AIR, PHP, MySQL) flickerlabs.com – Lead programmer (AS3, AIR, JSFL) vyaap.com – Lead programmer (AS3, AIR) myaffiliatebuilder.com – Lead programmer (AS3) and many other Edjucation: Masters, Computer Sciences - Technical University Varna
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