Mike Maxwell

Serving at the intersection of humans and technology.
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50 years old
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
20 years

I have a wide background of experience, ranging from magazine circulation database migration to inventory management for a hardware store plumbing department. Most recently I've served a small group of clients as a consultant, advising them on email marketing, CRM decisions, requirements gathering and project management.

Before that, when we first moved to Las Vegas to be near my wife’s aging parents, I did a short stint as an account executive at a prestigious local venue, managing all audio/visual details of small and large productions. I gathered client production requirements, negotiated contracts, ordered equipment and hired production teams as needed. It was a great introduction to this crazy town.

Before we moved, I worked for High Country News, a nonprofit environmental magazine based in rural Colorado. At HCN I managed the business side of the operation, leading customer service, sales, marketing, human resources and IT teams through a series of major infrastructural improvements (as well as day-to-day activities). In this role I was able to lead the business strategy while simultaneously keeping my hands dirty by keeping the office servers maintained and answering the occasional customer support call. Together, my team and I grew our newsletter audience from 20k to 65k, our Facebook audience from 7k to 35k. The net result was consistent subscription and donation growth between 5% and 10% each year.

The startup was TrueCredit, now called ‘TransUnion Interactive.’ At TrueCredit I started out as the one and only technical support guy, making live updates to an Access database on the server. (Yes, I once crashed the site with a typographic error.) Before long I was training other tech support reps. Soon I went through a series of other positions including GUI Development Manager, Marketing Manager, and finally, Director of Product Development. In that final role I managed a team of people with skills like mine. We communicated business requirements to our Technology team by way of carefully drafted and managed documents. We owned the specification for our products and I negotiated release schedules on behalf of my boss, the CEO. At one point I served as the liaison between TrueCredit and Lehman Brothers (our corporate overlords at the time), producing a web-based mortgage management tool using our development resources. Additionally, I served as a lead on an inter-company collaboration between TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. This unusual confab was the result of the new federal legislation that brought www.annualcreditreport.com into the world.

Before TrueCredit, my wife and I owned and operated our own website development business in Denver, CO. These were pre-WordPress/Drupal/Joomla days, so I was coding by hand.

I could keep going, but we’re getting into the ether of the 90s and 80s at this point.

In my spare time I like to play pool (my league team is going to Nationals in August), go camping and hiking with my family (1 lady, 1 dog).

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