Miltos Antoniades

Presentations Designer and Consultant
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
46 years old
Athens, Attiki, Greece
15 years


Thanks for checking out my profile! I specialize in designing presentations, videos, and infographics that sell. In addition to being a graphic designer I have over 15 yrs work experience in industry and startup positions working in marketing, branding and strategy in Greece, Europe and the US.

Presentations (Powerpoint, Prezi):
I have designed and personally delivered countless presentations for various setups including sales presentations to important clients, board meetings, corporate events, conferences and pitches to investors. When I design a presentation I always picture myself delivering it and I find that this helps me as a designer make styling, content and pacing decisions based on the audience and venue. I'd like to have a quick kick-off chat with you to discuss your project and get a feel for the occasion before I start working on my recommendations and styling drafts.

Videos (animated cartoons, product videos, whiteboard animation):
I believe designing presentations and marketing videos are essentially the same thing. The technical requirements may be different but the principles and the end goal are the same. Based on your script and style I can recommend the best format & technology, help you narrow down your material into two minutes or less of playing time and create a video that can significantly increase conversion rates, customer engagement, Google rankings etc.

I have worked with quantitative analysis, statistics and data visualization. I believe that data should always tell a story and what better format than a well thought-out and nicely designed infographic to do that? I can help you with selecting the right chart type to represent the underlying message and add stunning visuals to support it.

Skills / Tools:

  • Presentations: Powerpoint, Prezi, Flash
  • Graphic Design: Xara Designer Pro X, Photoshop
  • Video editing / animation: VideoScribe, MS Expression Encoder 4, Windows Live Movie Maker, Audacity, Powerpoint
  • 3D modeling: Google Sketchup, Blender
  • Number crunching: Excel

I have been working with teams and deadlines throughout my career and will respect your deadlines and special project requirements. I am available to Skype at any time convenient for you - given prior notice - and am generally very responsive; will reply to messages within the hour even on weekends or holidays.

Hoping to hear from you!


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