Modestas Kalnutis

Email marketing executive, SAAS/ B2C/ B2B/ E-Commerce, Automation/CRO
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Vilnius, Lithuania, Lithuania
5 years

I was a startup SAAS B2C, campaign manager for a quite big [140.000] multi-language [UK/US/RU/PL/RO/LV] database.

A/B testing/ Customer retention automation / Email/Inbound marketing strategies / Email template design (responsive)

On top of that, was building [lead magnets] based [B2B] lists with particular automation setup as:

  • A lead magnet production [PDF book / Webinar / Masterclass Intro video].

  • Facebook Ads targeting leads.

  • CRM Active Campaign strategy implementation [US/EU B2B market].

  • Creation of email sales funnels.

  • Lead [email reminders] nurturing automation.

  • Sales email series automation.

  • [Promotional automation](Webinar - SMS reminders/ Black Friday/ User feedback).

  • Cooperation with a copywriter to proofread/approve email copies/ [Dynamic Content]

  • Active Campaign lead generation forms integration on site.

  • Unsubscribers management.

[That is why I can increase:]

✔ The long term value (LTV) of your subscriber and customer lists through intelligent segmentation and personalized content.

✔ [A/B] everything to constantly grow.

✔ [AOV] - Average Order Value.

✔ The return of investment [ROI] increases exponentially and still increases from the automation.

✔ Sales.

[Main work tools:]

  • [Active Campaign CRM].

  • HubSpot CRM [Hubspot certified].

  • Klaviyo [Shopify].

  • WordPress.

  • WooCommerce.


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