Muhammad Ali Bandial

A writer, blogger and thinker with a passion for creative writing.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
40 years old
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
5 years

I take complicated, dense and sometimes technical information and turn it into something that everyone can understand. 

I can adapt my writing to fit multiple formats and purposes, including scripts for videos/animations, social media content, speeches, brochures, blog entries, website content, etc.

I have worked alongside colleagues to develop a clear content strategy and calendar. A trained and skilled copy and content writer with versatile writing and creative expertise, capable to identify clients’ needs and render crisp, to-the-point, consistent, informative yet creative copy/content. I have an interesting writing experience in Digital Media, Print Media (Newspaper and Magazine), and Social Media. 

Equally important has been my role as coordinator between multiple departments, relevant stakeholders and occasionally media entities to produce content that meets the needs of all those involved.

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