Muhammad Hisham Javed

Hands-on 14+ years of experience in IT, Experienced in mobile, web and desktop technologies.
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39 years old
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
14 years
Muhammad Hisham Javed-+92 - Summary          Hands-on 14+ years of experience in IT with domain emphasis in M2M/IoT platform, Social Analytics, electronic signature system, e-marketing systems, internet payment systems, social platforms, ecommerce and cloud technology. Over 5 years of experience as Architect & Full Stack Software Engineer. My responsibilities are to create the project plans and implement SDLC policies and procedures, allocating the tasks, executing, monitoring and controlling the projects to stay in line with project plan. Involved in coding, reviews and helping the team to resolve technical issues and giving new ideas. Experienced in mobile, web and desktop technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP, Grails, Zend Framework, Android, IOS, Cocos2d, Sencha EXT JS, Angular JS, Vaadin, jQuery etc. I developed and enabled SaaS platform for new and legacy applications. I’m good in establishing work relationship with team members, vendors and other stack-holders involved in the projects. Extensive experience interfacing with high-caliber product management teams and processes to deliver complex technology products. Correspondence with different clients in USA, Canada, UK and Europe to finalize the requirements with them for new software development and support to them regarding software application. Expertise in hiring and managing high-performance engineering teams. Actively learning/improving my knowledge on the software tools and sharing the knowledge on regular basis with my colleagues. Languages English: Fluent Urdu: Native 362 B1, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan Employment History Bang Albino Communications, Toronto, Ontario Full Stack Developer, November 2015 - Present Remotely working from home - Lahore, Pakistan Social Market Analytics, New York, New York Lead Software Developer, April 2014 - Present Remotely working from home - Lahore, Pakistan Zin Technologies / Wyless Inc, London, England Associate Software Architect, March 2013 - August 2015 Remote Office - Lahore, Pakistan Gemstone Global Services, San Francisco, California Solutions Architect / Sr. Soft. Eng, December 2010 - February2013 Regional Office - DHA, Lahore, Pakistan NEOBELL, Cheadle, England Project Manager / Lead Developer, June 2006 - November2010 Regional Office - Lahore, Pakistan LEADConcept, Lahore, Punjab Sr. Software Engineer, February 2005 - May 2006 Habib Rafique International, Lahore, Punjab Network Application Developer, December 2003 - January2005 Software Research Center, Lahore, Punjab Junior Developer, September 2000 - November 2001 Education GC University, Lahore, Punjab Master Of Computer Science, Graduated December 2003 Gold Medalist BZU, Multan, Punjab Bachelors of Computer Science, Graduated December 2001 Professional Skills Java, C#, PHP, Python, Node.js, Groovy, Grails, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3, Spring Framework, Spring Roo, Spring MVC, Zend Framework, ASP.NET, Phone Gap, Android, Vaadin, Sencha ExtJs, AngularJs, ReactJs, JQuery, AJAX.Net, RESTful Services, Bootstrap, Sass, COCOS2D, HornetQ, ActiveMQ, Apache CXF, Tomcat, Wildfly (JBoss), Hibernate, Doctorine ORM, Spring JPA, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB, Intellij Idea, Eclipse, NetBeans, Xcode, Visual Studio, JVisual VM, Xdebug, jMeter, Selenium, Jasmine, Junit, PHPUnit, JIRA, Assembla, Github, Subversion, Sourcesafe, CloudBees, Infinispan, Memcached, Fish Eye, FireBug, Chrome Developer Tool, Linux, OSX, Windows, CentOS, FreeBSD, Agile, Waterfall, MS Visio, Atlassian Confluence, Jenkins, Bash script, Adobe Fireworks Skill Legends: Basic, Intermediate, Advance, Expert Portfolio  BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM -  Social Market Analytics - Architect / Full Stack Developer – Bangalbino Communications Lead Software Developer – SMA For the Pharmaceutical Industry, online training has a competitive edge over any other form of learning - given the ever-changing environment of this Industry. This online portal fulfill all the company requirements for staff learning and training programs. Social Market Analytics produces a family of metrics, called S-factors designed to capture the signature of financial market sentiment. SMA applies these metrics to data captured from social media sources to estimate sentiment for indices, sectors, and individual securities. TECHNOLOGY STACK - Service Oriented Architecture, PHP, AngularJs, Zend Framework, Doctrine ORM, bjyAuthorize, MySQL, Bootstrap, Sass, Linux BACKEND TECHNOLOGY STACK – Java, MySQL, HornetQ, Hibernate, Linux, Twitter API, Factory Design, FRONTEND TECHNOLOGY STACK – PHP, Zend Framework, JQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL  NSIS – M2M/IoT Platform Associate Software Architect – Zin Technologies/ Wyless Inc.  CIC SignatureOne® –® Full Stack Developer – Gemstone Global Services. An award winning M2M/IoT platform, delivered in partnership with the world's largest mobile network operators, provides secure, reliable wireless connectivity to mobile and fixed devices in nearly every country in the world. TECHNOLOGY STACK – Service Oriented Architecture, Java, MS SQL Server, Apache CXF, Spring Framework, CAS (Single Sign On), Aspect Oriented Design, Maven, Junit, Spring JPA, Wildfly (JBOSS), Infinispan, LambdaJ, Code Narc, JVisualVM, Intellij idea, Linux, Jenkins CI, Sencha ExtJs, Phone Gap  Mushroom Mail – Email Marketing Tool Lead Developer & Architect – NEOBELL. This feature rich application is good to market business on a targeted audience based on geo locations. It has complete email tracking options and number of clicks per campaign. TECHNOLOGY STACK – C#, ASP .NET, .NET Widows Application, SOAP, Infragistics UI Components, MS SQL Server, SQLite  WSMS – Simplified Project Reporting System Lead Developer & Architect – NEOBELL. WSMS is a website creation tool written in C# ASP.NET. But in non-geek speak, it's probably the easiest and powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) for a layman. TECHNOLOGY STACK – C#, ASP.NET, AJAX.Net, MS SQL Server, Infragistics UI Components, IIS  MRTG – Multi Router Traffic Grapher Network Application Developer – HRI.  ITCP – Infrared Transmission Control Protocol Research and Development CIC's SignatureOne® Server provides a highly secure, scalable, patent-protected and streamlined electronic signature solution. Its flexible, easy-to-configure and agile workflow can be rapidly integrated via standard Web services. TECHNOLOGY STACK – Grails, Groovy, Activiti (BPMN), MySQL, Spring MVC, Spring Framework, Vaadin GWT Framework, Multi-Tenant Design, Quartz Jobs, Tomcat, Memcached, Code Narc, Junit, YourKit, JVisualVM, Google Docs, Google Analytics, JanRain Social Sign In, OAuth, Intellij idea, Linux, Jenkins CI  SPRS – Simplified Project Reporting System Lead Developer & Architect – NEOBELL. An add-in for MS Project which facilitate those project managers who are facing difficulty to present their project progress reports in a very short time with editable built in templates to the higher management. TECHNOLOGY STACK – C#, .NET Windows Application, Office 2003, Interop Library  Corner Stone Support Services, Inc. Web Developer – LEADconcept This web application enables the companies and contractors to transact online for their complete Purchase Order workflow. The agencies / contractors can create jobs which are then tracked, this application provide online timesheets, e-approvals, raising invoice, payment updates and reporting. TECHNOLOGY STACK – C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, MS SQL Server

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