Mykola Kadutskyi

Web developer |PHP, JS, Symfony, Laravel, Wordpress, Zend|
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26 years old
Kharkiv, Khrakivs'ka oblast', Ukraine
4 years

Hi, I have 4+ years comprehensive experience in IT and particularly in web/mobile development and project management.

I created different web applications related with CMS, CRM, social networks, APIs, e-Commerce for different companies.
I keep myself up to date with modern technologies, upgrading my knowledges in web developing industry.
In my practice I use a variety of tools and techniques to achieve desired result in appropriate time. I'm creative, self motivated, organized, team player and project oriented.

It is important for me to build trust, productive and long-term relationships with my clients.

4+ years experience in PHP/JS development that covers websites built in Symfony2, Laravel, Zend and WordPress.

Strong front-end experience in JS, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SASS and Bootstrap, Angular, Had experience with Marionette, React.

DataBase/ORM: MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL Eloquent, Doctrine 2

Template engines: Twig, Blade

e-Commerce: OpenCart, Magento

Additionally I'm familiar with Java.

Cloud Technology: AWS (S2, S3, RDS, OSG)

Strong knowledge of procedure programming, OOP, MVC, MVVM, Module-oriented

Version control systems: git, svn.

Project Management: Asana, Jira, SCRUM, Agile

Operation systems: Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows, Mac.

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